SEO Youtube Tools
SEO Youtube Tools
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Most people are upset about their youtube career. They uploaded their content regularly but nothing shows in the result. No views are shown on their videos, and the number of subscribers does not become high. Don’t be upset and try the best SEO YouTube tools for your videos SEO. A number of tools are available on the internet. I told you about the best SEO youtube tools.

Find Topics In Google Trend

You need to pick up that topic that is trending. Looks all around the world. The best Website for finding trends is Google Trends. Most people are searching for trends and want to keep aware of them all over the world. Finding the trending topic is very important because if you want to rank on Youtube, get more audience, and increase your subscriber list. So do focus on searching topics for your video content.

SEO Youtube Tools

Find Topics In Buzzsumo

You can find trending topics for your YouTube content by Buzzsumo. This tool allows you to find trending content on YouTube all over the world.

SEO Youtube Tools

YouTube Tool Keyword Research

Finding a great keyword that has high search volume and low competition is very important. For ranking your Youtube videos, you need to find the perfect keyword.

Google Keyword Planner

You need to turn on your Google Keyword Planner by Google Ads. This SEO Youtube tool is amazing to find the best keywords for your content. you can find the best keyword according to your video content by keyword planner. you can see the search volume of your keyword and also the competition.

Keywords Everywhere

Several browser extensions are also available for finding keywords. They are really helpful to you to find keywords. One of them is Keywords Everywhere, the browser extension that gives you more results and suggestions about your keyword. is another SEO Youtube Tools to find Keywords for your Youtube content it shows you the search volume of your keyword and also told you about your keyword competition. Always keeps in your mind if you want to grow and get more audience then you need to select a keyword that has high search volume and low competition.

SEO Youtube Tools

Extensions To Finding Tags

Never underestimate the power of tags. Tags are very important for the SEO of your Youtube channel. Before uploading your video content, you need to add tags relevant to your topic in the tags section.

Add your keywords in a tag section for better results. Some SEO youtube tools are used to find tags. Now I tell you about some amazing extensions to find the best tags.

VidIQ Extension

VidIQ Extension plays a very important role in your Youtube channel SEO. you can easily find the best keywords for your video content. it gives you suggestions about tags that are helpful to rank your video. I think it is one of the best extensions for getting more audience on Youtube.

SEO Youtube Tools

Rapid Tags

Rapid tags are used to find tags. it generates multiple tags for your YouTube videos. Tags for YouTube is another extension to find multiple tags relevant to your video content. used relevant tags in your videos to get more audience.


Tubics is one of the best SEO youtube tools for YouTube channels. it provides you the facility to audit your channel, do keyword research, and many more thing that is helpful to grow your channel and gets more audience.

Manage your YouTube Channel

If you want to grow and build up your YouTube career then you need to manage your Youtube channel with the help of SEO YouTube tools. First of all focus on your Channel name. The channel name should be different from others.

YouTube Analytics

You can use YouTube Analytics to manage your YouTube channel. this feature is available in the dashboard of your channel. you can easily access it by just clicking on the analytic section. it gives you all the information about your channel, your audience, your viewership, and everything.

SEO Youtube Tools

Search about your Competitors

If you want to grow then you need to search about your competitors. by using various SEO YouTube tools you can search about your competitor.

RivalIQ Tool

Rival IQ is the best tool to search for your competitors. you can easily see your competitor’s presence on YouTube, search for his tags, and many more things.

Visit this link and enjoy its free version.

SEO Youtube Tools

5 Important Points For Better Youtube SEO

  1. Upload relevant content on your YouTube channel.
  2. Always choose trading video content.
  3. Must use keywords in the title, description, tags, and thumbnail by searching from VidIQ and many other SEO Youtube tools.
  4. Use cards.
  5. Share your content on social media like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.


Always remember, Must be used keyword that has the highest search volume and low competition. If this blog increases your knowledge then share this with your friends and give me your reviews in a comment section.


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