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Anime trap characters are common in anime because the creators develop them as they aim to confuse the viewers. They deliberately create a male character that appears to be female and vice versa to make it difficult for audiences to determine the gender of the character. In some cases, the anime trap character is used for comic relief, while in others, they play a more significant role in the story. Regardless of their purpose, these characters are often entertaining and provide audiences with a unique viewing experience.

Anime trap characters are often seen as gentle and quiet people, but they can be very intelligent and charming when they need to be. For example, Takeo from My Love Story is a kind-hearted young man who always looks out for his friends, but he’s also a talented artist who can be very persuasive when he needs to be. Similarly, Kousei from Your Lie in April is a soft-spoken musician who seems shy and withdrawn at first, but he’s actually a fierce competitor and has a lot of passion for his music.

These characters may seem like easy targets at first, but don’t underestimate their abilities – they’re not the type to back down from a challenge. So if you’re looking for someone who’s both sweet and smart, you should definitely consider an anime trap character.

 Anime Trap

Top 10 Best Anime Trap Characters

Anime has a wide variety of characters, and one of the more interesting ones is the anime trap character. This is a character who appears to be female but is actually male. These characters can be boys dressed in female attire, or they may have features that look feminine so other characters cannot identify their gender. Regardless of how they look, these characters are always interesting to watch.


One reason these characters are so popular is that they defy traditional gender roles. The fact that these characters can trick everyone into thinking they are girls is intriguing, and it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for storytelling. Additionally, many people find the idea of a boy who dresses as a girl to be funny and charming.

Anime trap characters can be used in a variety of ways. Sometimes they are comic relief, while other times they are used to explore transgender issues.

1. Hideri Kanzaki from Blend S

There is an anime trap character named Hideri Kanzaki who is often mistaken for a girl because of his long straight white hair and blue eyes. But despite his feminine appearance, Hideri is actually a master of sarcasm and can be quite overbearing at times. This makes him a popular but often polarizing character among fans of the show.

 Anime Trap

Hideri Kanzaki is a character from the anime series, He is known as an anime trap character, which means that he is designed to look soft and feminine but is actually the complete opposite. He is full of himself and this often annoys the other characters. Hideri is a very talented player and often uses this to his advantage. He is also quite manipulative and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. Despite his flaws, Hideri is a very interesting character and provides some much-needed comic relief in an otherwise serious show.

2. Aoi Futaba from You’re Under Arrest

Aoi Futaba is a policeman in the anime series “You’re Under Arrest”. Aoi has curly brown beautiful hair and feminine features that make Aoi an anime trap character. Many people find him attractive, but he is not interested in relationships.

 Anime Trap

Aoi is often mistaken for being a woman because of his delicate features and long hair. Many people in this series get easily tricked by the soft features of this character to get arrested in the end. Most of the time this character wears his police uniform in order to avoid such situations, but even then people are often fooled by his appearance.

3. Rider Of Black Astolfo from Fate Apocrypha

Rider of Black is one of the characters from the Fate anime franchise. He is a paladin of Cha and is known for being an anime trap character. A rider has a very loyal personality and is always willing to help those in need. He also has a strong sense of justice and always does what he believes is right.

 Anime Trap

When it was announced that the anime adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha would feature a black rider, fans were excited at the prospect of seeing a new character brought to life. However, many were disappointed when it was revealed that the creators had represented him as having long pink hair and girly features. Also, he is the prettiest one of all the twelve riders in the anime.

This has led to many people referring to him as an anime trap character, a designation that is typically given to male characters who are designed to appeal to female viewers. While some may see this as a negative thing, others argue that it simply adds another layer of complexity to the show. After all, what’s more, interesting than watching someone who you wouldn’t expect to succeed attempt to do just that?

4. Haku From Naruto

Haku is one of the most popular and early anime trap characters. In 2000, he came into the Naruto series. Haku is a very attractive man with long black hair. He often uses his good looks to his advantage in order to manipulate people. Many male fans of the Naruto series find Haku attractive, despite his status as an anime trap character.

 Anime Trap

There are a number of anime characters that are considered anime trap, which is a term used for characters who look more womanish than a man. The main character Naruto himself thought that Haku was a woman. He even said that Haku is more attractive than any other girl in the series. This is likely because of Haku’s slim figure and delicate features. Some people might consider Haku to be the prettiest character in the series.

5. Chihiro Fujisaki From Danganronpa

In the second chapter of Danganronpa, it is revealed that Chihiro Fujisaki is actually a boy. This comes as a surprise to many fans of the anime, as he is often mistaken for a girl due to his androgynous appearance. Chihiro is one of several anime trap characters in anime who are able to deceive viewers into thinking that they are actually the opposite sex. While many fans were upset at first that their favorite character was not actually female, they eventually came to accept Chihiro for who he is.

 Anime Trap

There is a reason why anime features so many anime trap characters, and that reason is simple: They’re attractive. Not just in the way that all anime characters are attractive, but in a specific way that entices viewers and makes them want to see more.

And while there are many different types of anime trap, one of the most popular is the character with short brown hair and large yellow eyes. He’s thin and delicate-looking, with hands that are too small for a man and fingers that are too long for a woman. This combination of features creates an air of mystery and ambiguity that is irresistible to fans.

It’s no coincidence that the most popular anime trap character is based on real-life people. In fact, some of these characters were designed specifically to appeal to fanboys.

6. Rui Ninomiya from Gatchaman Crowds Insight

Rui Ninomiya is one of the main anime trap characters in the show Gatchaman Crowds. He is a cross-dresser because he uses it to his advantage in the series. Rui is able to get close to people and learn their thoughts and feelings easier when he’s dressed as a girl. This gives him an edge in fighting against the evil organization, Galax. Some might say that Rui is a typical anime trap character, but his motives are pure and he truly wants to help others.

 Anime Trap

Rui character is one of the most popular characters. His female outfits suit him well because of his feminine looks. Moreover, he has a slender figure and blue eyes. He thinks that Japan is boring and tries to find excitement in other places. However, he always ends up coming back to Japan.

7. Aoi Hyoudou from Maid-Sama

Aoi Hyoudou is one of the employees in the maid cafe of Maid Sama. He works along with Misaki Ayuzawa and the MC. Also, he is an anime trap character and looks like a woman at first glance b. This has caused him to be mistaken for a girl on more than one occasion. Despite this, Aoi is a kind and hardworking person who loves his job. He is always willing to help out his fellow employees, and he always has a smile on his face.

 Anime Trap

Aoi Hyoudou character is the nephew of Satsuki who is the owner of the maid cafΓ©. But after all these years, there are still some men who can’t seem to get it through their heads that Aoi is a boy. Even though he is often mistaken for a girl, Aoi doesn’t mind and actually enjoys confusing people. He loves spending time at his aunt’s cafΓ© and helping out in any way he can.

8. Gasper Vladi Highschool DxD

Gasper Vladi’s anime trap character is a young boy who likes to dress like a girl. that’s why he confuses a lot of people easily in the whole series who think that this character is a girl. Gasper is one of the few characters in anime who isn’t trying to deceive anyone for comedic purposes – he simply enjoys dressing up as a girl and confusing everyone around him. While his cross-dressing tendencies may seem strange, they ultimately make him a more interesting character.

 Anime Trap

Gasper Vladi is one of the main anime trap characters in High School DxD who is a half-vampire. He has a petite figure and short hair. He also wears a girl’s school uniform. Gasper is often teased for being an “anime trap” character in the anime, but he proves his worth as a valuable member of the team. Despite his small frame, Gasper is incredibly powerful and can hold his own against even the strongest opponents.

9. Ruka Urushibara From Steins; Gate

Ruka Urushibara is a character from the anime Steins Gate. He appears to be a woman from all angles, which is why his character is so deceiving. The anime trap character in the series called Kurisu Makise falls for his disguise, and they even have a discussion about it. Ruka reveals that he is actually a man, which shocks Kurisu. Even though he is male, Ruka has done an excellent job of disguising himself as a woman. This makes him one of the best anime trap characters out there.

 Anime Trap

Ruka Urushibara from Steins; Gate is very different from other types of characters. For one, he does not like to make an exhibition and is always laid back. Secondly, he does not have a flashy or flamboyant personality. In fact, he is quite introverted and can be quite shy at times. Lastly, Ruka does not dress in an over-the-top fashion as some other characters do. He usually just wears normal clothes that are in style at the time. Overall, Ruka is a refreshing change from the usual over-the-top anime trap that is popular today.

10. Ritsu Sohma from Fruit Basket

Ritsu Sohma is a character from the popular anime series Fruit Basket. He is one of the Sohma family members and an anime trap character who can transform into a zodiac animal. Ritsu is a man who dresses as a young woman as he is more comfortable in it. mostly, He wears a kimono traditional dress and has long hair. Interestingly, Ritsu is considered to be an anime “trap” character, meaning that he looks like a woman but is actually a man. This makes him a popular character with many fans.

 Anime Trap

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