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Here I tell you the 12 most important things to become a famous blogger

1. Select Micro Niche to Write A Blog To become a Famous Blogger

If you are a beginner, you have to select a micro-niche to write a blog because if you select a micro-niche then you have a chance to rank in search engines, and ranking in search engines is the most important part to become a famous blogger.

2. Educate Your Audience in your blog To Become a Famous Blogger

If you want to become a famous blogger then you need to educate your audience that thing attracts your audience and play important role in getting high traffic. your blog must be full of information.

3. Too Many Different Topics

You need to write on different topics on your blog that attracts your user and are also a good sign for search engine. Your content must be juicy means getting a lot of information and you have to write content that user love to read and share it.


4. Use Photos And Videos in your Blog Post To Become a Famous Blogger

When you write a blog post not focus only on text. Makes your blog post attractive by adding images and videos in your blog post. This step attracts your users to your blog post and users spend more time on your blog post but one thing keeps in your mind the images and videos that you have added must be related to your blog post.

5. Your Website is Looking Good

The most important thing in your blogging carrier is your website. what is the performance of your website? Is it looks attractive? If it fulfills your user’s needs that thing is too much important because if your website looks good then it attracts the user.


6. Adding Email Subscription Feature on your Blog

If you want to become a famous blogger then you need to install an Email newsletter Plugin on your site. After that when the user visits your site click on your subscription block and give you his email address then you keep your user data and your user always updated about your site.

7. Make a Youtube Channel To Make Money As a Blogger

You need to make your youtube channel and then when you write content then adding a video link to your youtube channel but one thing is most important Your video must be related to your topic because relevancy is most important

8. Consistency

Consistency means regularly if you want to become a famous blogger then you have to show consistency in writing a blog. Try again and again and one day you become a famous blogger. If you Publish a New post After two days then you need to publish a post after two days because consistency is most important.

9. Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is the most important thing in your blogging career you need to select a searching keyword but if you are a beginner then use low-difficulty keywords it gives you a great chance to rank in Google search

10. Social Media Sharing

To become a famous blogger you need to share your blog on social media. Use your social media accounts to share your blog post. Aware your friends of your blog and share your content with the help of your friends.

11. Getting Users From Social Media to Your Blog

Share your blog post link on your social media accounts then, as a result, you get users from your social media account, and your blog traffic increase with help of your social accounts.

12. SEO Of your Blog

Whenever you want to write a blog Do (SEO) search engine optimization of your blog post. The plugin (ALL in one SEO) and some others are helpful for better SEO. If your blog post has a better SEO then you rank easily in Google and become a famous blogger.


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Wrapping Up

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