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Upping your game and evolving in your play is essential as a gamer, and usually, there are no bargains. Gaming laptops and consoles sometimes run out of fashion as newer and more sophisticated types roll out.

And as an ardent PC gamer, you might fancy the latest gaming PC, and rightly so. Most computer games evolve almost every day, making older PC versions obsolete. Therefore, having a modern gaming portable PC should be on your radar to keep up the pace.

Best Features of a Modern Gaming Laptop

1. Supersonic Processor Speeds

When it comes to processor speeds, there’s usually no compromise. Most modern games need nothing but excellent processor speeds to run optimally or at their best. And as such, it’s essential to be more prudent when choosing the computer processor speed (CPU). Perhaps you prefer your ideal CPU, but reasonably enough, AMD and Intel are usually unrivaled. These CPUs mainly offer speeds from 2.1 GHz or more, which is the perfect ingredient for seamless gaming. If you could also get hold of an SSD or a Hybrid HDD instead of a mere HDD, your speeds would be more supersonic.


2. Physical RAM

Most gaming laptops have dedicated GPU and CPU processors that’d only optimally operate when supported by capable RAM. And while a few games wouldn’t mind a tinier RAM, most require a gaming laptop with 8GB RAM. That at least offers you an optimal gaming experience and more fun. However, that’s not to say that gaming laptops with less than this RAM capacity aren’t capable. Some 4GB RAM gaming laptops still cut it, but the experience could have been much better if you worked with a more significant RAM capacity.

3. Incredible Graphics Processor

Your gaming laptop’s graphics unit processor (GPU) is the ultimate determinant of how much of a modern gamer you are. Before making a gaming laptop choice, always check the type of GPU it features since that’s entirely the single most essential thing in one. If you can go for the high-end NVIDIA RTX 3060, then maybe you’ve got your gaming treasure trove. But of course, you need a good processor such as the Ryzen 7 5800H you can find by visiting Regardless, you can still work with the AMD versions or other NVIDIA versions depending on your budget.

4. Screen Size and Resolution

Gaming offers a surreal experience in a virtual world, and it’s always best that you work with a more expansive screen. However, the fun stays the same if you prefer smaller gaming laptop screen sizes. A 12-inch screen isn’t as bad since you’re working on a budget again. However, if you could manage a 15-inch or, against the odds, a 17-inch screen, that’s better. However, you should always check if the resolution cuts it since that works in tandem with the screen size to make your gaming experience more lifelike.


Using a more advanced and modern gaming laptop is the ultimate recipe for a more fun gaming experience. Therefore, choose your RAMs, Central Processor Units, and GPUs wisely. Above all, a more expansive laptop having a significant screen size makes the gaming experience more authentic.


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