Corporate Events
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If you’re the marketing team leader of a business, you will know how important it is to impress your guests. The corporate events you organize can make or break your company’s reputation – especially if you have customers or potential investors coming to your event. Does that mean it’s all about choosing the right location and catering service? Not exactly. Even an ordinary office space can be transformed into a spectacular venue with the help of a creative team and some planning. The following are things you should know about top corporate events venues for hire.

Corporate Events

What to Consider Before Hiring a Venue

To ensure that your corporate event turns out to be a hit, it’s important to ensure the venue you choose is the right one. But what exactly should you look for in an ideal location? For starters:

  • Location: There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing the right venue. However, a roomy and well-lit hall with plenty of natural light, good ventilation, and enough space will give your guests a pleasant experience.
  • Space: The place where the event takes place should be large enough for everyone present to have a good view of the stage or if there is one. And space can be a problem in some venues, especially if it’s a small hall.
  • Sound system: A good sound system makes all the difference between a well-organized event and one that disperses its energy. The venue should have reliable sound equipment as well as microphones and an effective sound system – this is especially important if you are holding a conference where you need to ensure that everyone present is able to hear clearly what’s being said.
  • Acoustics: The acoustics of the hall plays an important part in the overall effect of your event. The sounds from the stage or podium should easily reach everyone in the audience, without any background noise. Whether you want a venue for a seminar or a conference, there should be adequate drop-down screens and projection facilities.
  • Cleaning: A dirty venue is an instant turn-off. Make sure your chosen venue has enough bathrooms, clean tables, and seats – as well as staff to clean up the place between sessions.
  • Internet: Although it’s not something that’s on the top of your list while choosing your venue, it still matters. When you are planning to make a presentation at your event, check if the internet connection of the location is strong enough for you to put up the slides with ease.
  • Parking: If you are planning to host a large number of guests, make sure there’s enough parking space on site. Also, you might want to ensure there is no limit on the number of cars that can be parked in the venue.
Corporate Events


Types of Corporate Event Venues

Depending on the number of people attending your event, you can choose from a range of different types of corporate event venues. These include, but are not limited to:

  •  Conference Rooms: For small business conferences and seminars, conference rooms work well. They are ideal for more intimate events and can accommodate around 100 people comfortably.
  •  Meeting rooms: They make a great choice when you are trying to impress new customers and have creative talent at the same time. Meeting rooms usually have elegant decor and furniture, which is why they look good in photographs – a must for any business networking event.
  •  In offices: If you have small offices and good reception staff, you can use them for corporate events. In many cases, you can get all the amenities of a hotel room and use them for your event. It is usually necessary to book the meeting room well in advance though – particularly if there are a few dozen people attending your event.
  • Temporary spaces: You might have a meeting room available from an existing venue or from another company that is moving out – these temporary spaces can be used for corporate events.
  • Hotel rooms or conference rooms: If you want to make a personal impression on investors and sponsors while promoting your product or service, booking a decent hotel room or conference hall might not be enough. For example, if you are presenting cutting-edge technology, a hotel room might make your audience feel that they have already seen it somewhere before.
  •  Convention centers: There are several good convention center options in most large cities that work well for small and big events alike. With exhibition halls available, regular large entryways, and smooth audio systems, these venues always look impressive.

The perfect event venue will depend on your aims and strengths as a business. Carefully consider all the aspects of the place you choose, and be sure to choose a venue with good acoustics and enough space for everyone present to have a good view of the stage.


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