Eid ul Adha 2021
Festival of Eid ul Adha 2021
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Eid ul Adha 2021 The festival of Muslims, Muslims celebrates Two eid festivals in the year. one is for the completion of their holy month Ramadan and is known as Eid ul Fitr. The second is Eid ul Adha, and it falls in the last month (Zil hajj)of the lunar Islamic calendar. After the completion of annulling Hajj.

eid ul adha 2021

Muslims celebrate Eid ul Adha according to their calendar. They slaughtering animals in the way of Allah at the time of Qurbani. The story behind this act is so amazing and it’s known as the story of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail.

When Is Eid ul Adha 2021

Eid ul Adha 2021 falls on 10 Zil hajj to the evening of 12 Zil hajj according to the Lunar Muslims calendar.

According to the English calendar 2021, it will be held from 21 July to the evening of 23 July.

Eid Qurbani 2021

What Is Meant By The Act Qurbani

Muslims slaughtering Animals in the way of Allah Almighty at the time of Qurbani in commemorating of prophet Ibrahim and Ismail’s story.

Muslims slaughtering the animals after the Eid Pray. The sacrificial animals must be goat, sheep, cow, bull, lamb, and camel. The goat, sheep, and lamb consist of One Qurbani share. The age of this category of animals must be greater than 6 months.

The other side cow, bull, and camel consist of seven shares in one animal. The age of animals for this category is must be greater than 2 years. This is the halal and Islam-friendly way of slaughtering animals in the way of Allah.

The meet of Slaughtering animals is divided into three parts. 1st is for you, 2nd is for your relatives, and 3rd is for those who need it. Especially the poor persons in your society.

eid ul adha 2021

The Story Of Prophet Ibrahim And Ismail

Muslims slaughtering animals on Eid ul Adha in commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail’s story. The amazing story of prophet Ibrahim and Ismail is given below.

Allah SWT ordered Ibrahim in a dream to sacrifice his son in the way of Allah. Allah SWT gives him the title of Khaleel u Allah. (Khaleel is an Arabic word and the meaning of this word in English is a “friend” ).

Prophet Ibrahim gets lithely upset because he loves his son so much. Ibrahim decided to tell her son about his dream. His beloved son’s name was Ismail.

One day Ibrahim told his son about his dream that I sacrifice you My son in the way of Allah Almighty. Tell me about your opinion. Ismail Answered his father. If Allah SWT ordered you then do this with my consent.

Prophet Ibrahim Decided to Sacrifice his son in the way of Allah Almighty. he goes to the mountains with his son. when they were on the way Shaitan will come again and again to persuade them about their dream. but the Prophet Ibrahim and His son do not stray.

The time has come, Ibrahim orders his son to lay down and ready to sacrifice in the way of Allah Almighty. They tie up the piece of cloth on his eyes.

Ibrahim picked up the knife and took on his son’s neck. then Pushed the Knife forcibly on his son’s neck but the knife doesn’t cut his neck. They try again and again but nothing will happen.

In The End

Allah SWT ordered Jibril (Angel of Allah Almighty ), exchange Ismail with the sheep. After this, the Knife cut’s the sheep And Allah SWT Saves the son of Ibrahim. because this order is just an exam of Prophet Ibrahim Through Allah Almighty.

Eid ul Adha 2021

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