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Are you searching for the Best escape from tarkov customs map extraction points? this article is for you, here we will discuss all the extraction points in detail.

Before discussing escape from tarkov customs map extraction points, take a look at a short intro. The map in Escape from Tarkov takes its name from the customs terminal in the area. It’s one of the more industrial parts of Tarkov and is full of factories, warehouses, and other facilities. The area is also home to a large port, which is where the customs terminal gets its name.

The PMC and SCAV factions in Escape from Tarkov are ruthless, so it is important to know where the most vital extraction points are. The Customs map is one of the largest in the game, so there are multiple spots that can be valuable for extracting equipment or players. 

There are three main extraction points on the Customs map Tarkov: The docks, the warehouse, and the port. The docks are a key spot for both the PMC and SCAV factions, as they offer a lot of cover and several ways to escape. The warehouse is a smaller area but is still important for both factions. It has a good cover and an easy way to escape if needed. The port is the smallest extraction point but offers great cover and several ways to escape. Players should also be aware of the other key locations on the Customs map Tarkov.

escape from tarkov customs map

Escape From Tarkov Customs Map

Customs is the most beginner-friendly map in Escape from Tarkov. It’s smaller than the other maps, which makes it easier to learn the layout and where different objectives are located. There are also fewer players on Customs, so it’s easier to find gear and make progress without getting killed constantly.

Customs map tarkov is a location where players explore for loot and new experiences. It’s a large area with many different types of buildings to explore, such as abandoned dormitories, warehouses, and industrial facilities. There are also construction sites, which offer some unique challenges. The area is full of loot and enemies, so there is always something new to find. here we will discuss the best escape from tarkov customs map extraction points.

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Best Escape From Tarkov Customs Map Extraction Points

3-Story Dorm Building

There are two Customs Dorm Buildings on the map, and one of them is a great place to go if you’re looking for a fight. The building is located in the northwest corner of the map, and it’s filled with enemies. If you’re looking for a challenging battle, this is the place to go.

The layout of the building ensures that there will be a lot of close-quarters combat as well as some mid-range engagements along the corridors and som. This should make for an exciting and action-packed game for all players. The customs map is perfect for those who want to experience close-quarters combat, as well as those who prefer a more tactical approach with mid-range engagements.

It is the escape from tarkov customs map extraction point where players can find Reshala Boss and his bodyguards in the 3-Story dorm building. This imposing structure is located in the southwestern part of the map and players can access it by going up a set of stairs. The Marked Room, which is where the boss fight takes place, is located on the top floor of the building.


The Northern part of Customs is located in the north of the Construction Area, at the end of the road that is perpendicular to the main road. This area is mostly composed of Story Dorm Buildings, as well as a few Customs Offices and Warehouses. The area can be accessed through the Customs Main Gate or through the North-Eastern Gate.

2- Story Dorm Building

If you are looking for a close-range PvP engagement, the 2-Story Dorm Building is one of the places you should go on this map. It’s one of the shorter Customs buildings, making it an ideal location for a firefight. The building is also home to a number of tight corridors that are perfect for ambushes.

Dormitories are typically two-story structures, with the bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floor and communal living space on the lower. This layout is ideal for college students, who need privacy but also want to be able to socialize with their friends. It’s not so great for a building that will be used as a military base, though. The close-quarters combat that will take place on the lower level will be exacerbated by the fact that there are no long corridors or open spaces. There will be a lot of mid-range engagements along the corridors, as well as some short-ranged firefights in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The 2-story dorm building is one of the places where Reshala Boss and his bodyguards can spawn. The area is often populated by players, so it can be a dangerous place to be. There are several buildings in the area that players can use for cover, and the large open space in the center of the map provides plenty of opportunities for flanking maneuvers.


The Northern part of Customs is one of the most important areas in Tarkov. It’s located north of the Construction Area and at the end of the road that is perpendicular to the main road. This area is home to a 2-story dorm building, which is currently under construction.

escape from tarkov customs map

New Gas Station

The “new” gas station on Customs is one of the best places to go for a firefight. This is because it has some of the best loot available in the game. You can find weapons, armor, and other gear here, so make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a good fight.

Moreover, the new gas station is one of the Reshala Boss spawns. Players will often visit the gas station to check for the boss’s spawn. The gas station is a great place to restock supplies and grab a bite to eat.


The new gas station on the eastern side of Customs is a welcome addition to the area. It’s located north of the shipping yard, on the Boiler side of Customs, and adjacent to the main road. The gas station is well-marked on the map and easy to find. It’s a great place to fill up your gas tank before heading into battle in Tarkov.

escape from tarkov customs map

Construction Site

The unfinished building in the middle of Tarkov’s Customs is called “construction” for a reason – it’s still under construction. But that doesn’t stop it from offering a good view of the area. The site has been abandoned for years, but there’s still a lot of activity around it. It’s become an industrial area in the middle of Tarkov’s Customs.

The construction site area is one of the key locations in Tarkov. It’s a great place for Scav-killing missions as Scavengers are almost guaranteed to spawn there. The site does not offer too much loot, but it is worth exploring for its many nooks and crannies.


The Construction Site is a location in Tarkov that can be found on the customs map. It’s located in the middle of the map, south of the Dorm Buildings and west of the main bridge. It’s adjacent to the main road, just south of it.

escape from tarkov customs map

Customs Storage Area

The Customs Storage Area is a great place to start for beginners. It has a map that can be helpful, as well as some other useful items. There is also a workbench nearby that can be used to upgrade gear.

There is a small hill on the map that players can use to their advantage. The area is located in the northwest corner of the map and is easily accessible from the Customs Storage Area. The hill provides players with a great view of the surrounding area, which can give them an edge in combat. However, players should be aware that it is possible to jump on the garages to gain a vantage point, so they should always be ready for a surprise attack.

The Customs Storage Area is located on the eastern side of Customs. This is where you will find some of your possible extraction points if you spawn on the eastern side of Customs. You can extract from a few different areas, so be sure to explore the area and find the best spot for you.


The western side of Customs (Customs side), just south of the Crossroads extraction point, is adjacent to the Customs and Trainyard areas. This is where players can find the Customs Storage Area, which is a large building on the east side of the map. The building has two entrances, one on the north side and one on the south side. There is also a small building next to it that has an entrance on the east side. This area is a great place to find weapons, gear, and other supplies.

Customs Area

Since the release of Escape from Tarkov, many players have been spending their time exploring the various areas of the game. One such area is the Customs Area. This location is accessed through the Customs Office, located in the Harbor area. The Customs Area contains a variety of different spawns, including some that are scattered around other parts of the game map. One such spawn is the “Big Red”, which is a large truck that is located in an enclosed room that requires the Customs Office Key to access.

Upon spawning in the Customs area of Tarkov, players are advised that there is not much worthwhile loot to be found. Most of the good gear is located in the northeastern part of the map, and it is recommended that players leave this area quickly if they spawn here. The main exception to this rule is the key, which can be found in a locked room near the center of the map. This room contains some valuable gear, so it is worth taking the time to find the key and unlock it.


The southwestern area of the Customs map is just east of the Customs Storage Area, southwest of the main bridge. The Trainyard is marked on the map, and it’s a key location for players looking to move goods quickly and easily between areas.

escape from tarkov customs map

Shipping Yard

In the north-western part of the area, just west of the Shipping Yard, is a locked room that can be unlocked with the Factory Exit Key. This room features two safes, one of which is opened with a key.

This area is mostly warehouses and a small port. There is a lot of loot to be had here, but also a lot of danger. Be careful when exploring this area, as there are often players hiding in the warehouses waiting to ambush unsuspecting passersby.


The southeastern part of Customs, just south of the “New” gas station (on the other side of the main road). The Shipping Yard is marked as number 7 on the map.

Old Gas Station

The old gas station is a popular extraction point for those looking to leave the map of Tarkov. It’s not always open, so be sure to look for the green smoke if you’re looking to make your way out. The station’s basement provides a great vantage point for those looking to take on any enemies that might be in the area.

It was used as a gas station back when the city was still operational, but it closed down along with the rest of the city. Now it’s just an abandoned building, but it still has some value to players in Tarkov. It can be used as a safe house or a place to store loot since it’s out of the way and unlikely to be visited by other players.


There’s a small building on the southeastern edge of Customs, south of the “New” gas station and the shipping yard. It’s marked as the number “8” on our Map. The Old Gas Station, as it’s called, is a remnant of Tarkov’s past.


Is Customs a Good Map Tarkov?

Customs is a great map for Tarkov. in some cases this map is the best or in some cases, it can be the worst choice. It’s one of the most popular maps in the game and offers a wide variety of loot opportunities as well as plenty of engaging combat scenarios. The map also has some unique features like an underground bunker and multiple escape routes that make it an exciting and challenging experience.

Is Customs a Good Map for Beginners?

Customs is a great map for beginners in Tarkov. It’s relatively small and easy to learn, making it the perfect place to practice basic strategies like bomb planting, grenade usage, and team communication. The map also features plenty of chokepoints that allow for intense close-quarter combat. Overall, Customs is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to learn the game.

How Hard is Tarkov for Beginners?

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore survival shooter that requires a great deal of skill to master. It is not an easy game for beginners, as it has a steep learning curve and requires practice and knowledge of the game mechanics to become proficient. New players should expect to die often and make mistakes while learning.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly recognize the best escape from tarkov customs map extraction points. we will explain all the customs map extraction points in detail.


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