start blog for free
Start blog for free
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Nowadays makes your own blog is not difficult. some sites allow you to start blog for free. In this blog, we mention the top 10 websites that allow start blog for free. start writing and share your voice
all over the world.

Start Blog For Free Visit These Sites


WordPress is the best site to build up your free blog. It is a free platform. you need to get hosting and select an attractive theme. that looks beautiful. if you look for perfect and cheap hosting. you need to visit it starts with 1.39$ monthly.

start blog for free

But in WordPress, you need to set up your site by yourself. but nothing is difficult. WordPress works on a drag-and-drop option. simple if you want to add an image or a video. you just need to drag-and-drop that image and video. Also, WordPress allows you to add a plugin to your site. to get some specific professionality. there is a lot of free plugins available in the WordPress Plugin directory. so it’s time to start blog for free.

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start blog for free


LinkedIn is the most famous site to start blog for free. You need to simply signup or continue with your Google account on this platform. and start your carrier. Publishing your blog on LinkedIn is very easy. you just need to click on share in a post and then a platform is open on your window. where you can easily start your blog and share your voice with the world.

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start blog for free


Wix is the website developer that allows you to start blog for free. Wix is very simple to use. you can set up your own blog with the front-end. no need to set anything on the back-end. Wix is the platform that works on a drag-and-drop option.
whatever thing you want to add to your blog. Like image, video, audio, and file. you just need to drag-and-drop.

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start blog for free


It is a free platform to start blog for free like WordPress. but you need to find out a host for your website as fuel. Your website depends on your host. if you have a good host then your website becomes perfect. to create a post Ghost provided you a platform that
is simple to use. you can add images, videos, and other files very easily. it allows you to see a live preview of your blog post like WordPress.

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start blog for free


Medium is the most popular free blog developer to start blog for free. anyone write on Medium by just creating an account. the big advantage of writing on Medium is that. its have a great number of users. over 60 million users visit medium per month.
and this number of users is increased every year.

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start blog for free


Weebly is a free blog developer that allows you to start blog for free. it is a website developer that gives you an opportunity to makes not only a simple blog. but also sell products. if you want to add something to your website you just need to drag and drop it.
Weebly provides you social media icons, newsletter subscriptions, sidebars, forms, ads, and many more things. to create an post it provides a platform that is very easy to use.

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start blog for free


Tumblr is a great site for free blogging. you just need to signup and Tumblr allows you to create a post. and start blog for free. it is very easy to start a free blogging carrier on Tumblr. tumbler allows you to display ads on your page and also add an affiliate link on your blog page. it provided you multiple post formats and different types of content.

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start blog for free


Blogger is one of the oldest platforms that allows you to start blog for free. you just need to create an account on Blogger. then you have the ability to add a blog on this platform. it allows you to set a theme for your blog that looks attractive.
creat a post on blogger is very easy. the editor looks like a word page. so everyone publishes a blog post on blogger.

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start blog for free


Jimdo is known as a free blogging site to start blog for free. because it has a free version. you can easily set up your blog on this platform. you need to give instructions about how your site looks. after this activity, your blog will automatically generate.
you can easily make your blog post via the front-end. jimdo allows you a sidebar while creating a blog post. you can easily set up your post date, category, status, title, publish or draft, preview, and many more things.

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start blog for free


Joomla works like WordPress. it is a good platform to start blog for free. creating a site is free but similar to WordPress. you need a host to build up your site. get a perfect host that makes your site perfect. creat a blog post on Joomla is very simple.
if you have an idea about Microsoft Word then you can easily publish a post. because the editor of Joomla looks like a Word editor.

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start blog for free

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