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Blogging is a way of making money online. but if your blog is popular then you will be able to make money. Most beginners have no idea about making their blog the most popular. in this blog, we discuss how to make the blog most popular on WordPress.(WordPress is good tule for blogging)

Techniques To Make a Blog Most Popular.

  • headline analyzer
  • keyword analysis
  • Use tags
  • Use images and videos from both
  • Use the plugin (AIOSEO)
  • Inbound and outbound link
blog most popular

Headline Analyzer

The first and most important thing that makes your blog most popular is your heading. if your heading looks attractive then it engages more people. if your heading is perfect and depends on the topic. that is useable for your user then getting more people on your blog becomes very easy. use a headline analyzer to make your heading perfect. this tool is totally free for its users.

The headline analyzer detects the errors in your headline. and also tell you how to fix them. gives you more suggestions about how to make your headline perfect. with the help of this tool. you can easily check out the SEO score of your heading.

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Keyword Analysis

Nowadays the competition is very high. making your blog most popular is a little bit difficult. but it might be easy if you follow the right way. only type the content that is demandable by the users. if you type content that is not in demand then you just wasting your time.

A keyword analysis is a fantastic technique. you must find out keywords that SEO difficulty(SD) is easy. and its search volume is high in the google search engine. there are some tools to find out a perfect keyword. like ubbersuggest, ahrefs, google keyword planner, and SEMRUSH. with the help of these tools. you can easily find out the best keywords that help you to make your blog the most popular. use this keyword in your heading, content, and image alt attributes.

blog most popular

Use Tags

Never underestimate the power of tags. used tags in your content that are highly searchable. WordPress allows their user to add tags to their content by just hitting a button. used those tags that are relevant to your niche. because relevancy is very important.
Tags allow you to make your blog the most popular. if somebody searches for the tag that is added to your content. then its have a great chance that your content has been shown to that person. tags are very important to engage more users on your blog.

Use Images and Videos Both

Whenever you type on your blog keep it in mind. that your content must be attractive to the human eyes. according to the research, human beings are attracted to creativity and beauty. used images and videos in your content to make your blog the most popular.
use those images and videos that are relevant to your content. some sites allow downloading free photos like pexel, freepik, and Mix kit. you can easily download the images that are relevant to your content. by just hitting a download button.

WordPress allows optimizing your images. by adding titles, captions, and descriptions to your image. it also allows you to add image alt attributes in your photos by just hitting one button. you need to add your focus keyword in your image alt attributes.
it helps you to rank your blog in the google search engine.

Use Plugin (AIOSEO)

The tools that allow you to add professionality to your WordPress blog are called plugins. there is a plugin that makes an important role. to make your blog most popular is (AIOSEO). AIOSEO detects your SEO errors and also tells you how to fix them. this plugin allows you to add focus keywords to your content. with the help of this plugin, your SEO score becomes very high.

it works as a guide. if you follow the instructions that they give you. then you can easily create fully optimized content. by default, this plugin is installed in WordPress’s new version. to install this plugin visit the WordPress plugins directory. and search for (AIOSEO).

Inbound and Outbound link

Inbound linking: it means adding a link to content that is published on your blog.

Outbound link: it means to add a link of content from another site.

This technique plays a very important role. to make your blog most popular on WordPress. by using WordPress you can easily add a link to your content. whenever you want to give an outbound link in your content. choose the blog that domain authority is high.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog. Share this with your friends. and give us your reviews in the comment section.


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