How Manage Your Time
How Manage Your Time
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Time management is very important for any single person. if anybody wants to become successful in life. then they need to manage their timetable. in this article, we discuss, how manage your time effectively.

Time Management Definition

Time management is the key to efficient working. Managing your time from 24 hours of a day for study or work is called time management.
The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work.

Manage Your Time Not your energy

3 Most Important Things For Time Management

  • Focus.
  • Remove distraction.
  • 4 power hour rule.
How manage your time

1. Focus

Now discuss How manage your time. If you want to achieve anything. the first and most important thing is the focus. without focus, you can’t do anything perfectly. if you do something without focus
then the work of 2 hours is done in the 4 hours. or due to lack of focus, your work still has a lot of mistakes. and maybe you have to do this work again just because you will not focus on your work.

Same if you are a student. and you have no focus on your study then your grades must be affected. focus is the key to doing anything perfectly. your success is directly linked to your focus ability. if you will be sincere in your work and do all of your work with the full attention of your mind. then success is yours. maybe it will take time but one day you will understand. focus is the base of your work.

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2. Remove Distraction

Distraction means everything that holds between you and your work. if you do not find your distraction that holds between your work. you are one step away from your success. distraction is the major thing that effected your success journey. because if there is a distraction then there is no focus. Most people faced the distraction of using social media or watching movies. you just need to remove all of the distractions that held between your future. I think you understand “how manage your time”.

Link of Time management with Focus and Distraction

According to research, Time management is directly dependent on your focus. and your focus is directly dependent on your removal of distractions. it means if you want to manage your time then the first thing is to focus. and then try to remove your distractions. if you have distractions then you can not focus on your work.

You need to find out what distraction is held between your success. when you find out leave it. because if there is no distraction then you can do your work quickly. your efficiency of doing work is optimized to 2 times more. if you will remove your distractions perfectly.

you need to remove distractions caused. you need to find out. if your distraction is your cell phone then leave it while you doing work. if your distraction is any other thing like social media, playing games, or watching movies. then remove all of your distractions. while you doing work. if you are a student then fived your time for your study without any distractions. remove all those things that distract you from your studies.

3. 4 Power Hour Rule

The question is How manage your time? the solution is applying the 4 power rule in your life. This rule is the most powerful. it helps you to achieve your goals and success. 4 power hour rules mean selecting just 4 hours in a day for work. and in these 4 hours just focus on your work. remove all of your distractions. your phone must be on silent mode. because the main cause of distraction is a notification or any phone call. keeps in your mind in these 4 power hours you need to work without any distractions.

how manage your time

Manage your 4 Hours Perfectly

You can manage your 4 hours easily by just making a schedule of your working hours. you can easily finish all of your work. if you work in the right way. if you make your 4 hours in a day perfectly without any distractions. then they will be better than your working rate of 24 hours. right on a copy or a notepad. each and everything that you have to do in your 4 hours. If you apply this rule in your life then success is yours.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and you will easily understand how manage your time. Share this with your friends. and if you have any questions then discuss them in a comment section.


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