How to Get Verified on Twitch
How to Get Verified on Twitch
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Are you searching for how to get verified on twitch? this article is for you, here we will discuss the complete method step by step that will help you to understand how to get verified on Twitch easily. read the article till the end and clear all the questions that are percent in your mind.

Before discussing How to Get Verified on Twitch, take a look at twitch’s leading platform. In the past few years, Twitch become one of the leading platforms for streamers. If you are looking to gain a large audience, Twitch has a huge opportunity. Twitch has partnered with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, which means that there are many opportunities for streamers to make money. In addition, Twitch offers access to ad-supported content as well as premium content. Premium members can also earn money through subscriptions and donations.

Twitch has launched an affiliate program in order to help smaller streamers start earning money and building a following. The purpose of the affiliate program is to get small streamers verified by Twitch, which in turn will allow them to earn money through ads and sponsorships. While this may seem like a daunting task, there are many ways for small streamers to get started. 

How to Get Verified on Twitch

How to Get Verified on Twitch? First, it is important to have a good channel layout. Make sure your streams look professional and that your graphics are on point. Secondly, be sure to build an audience first. If you can create a following of dedicated fans, then sponsorships and other opportunities will become more available to you. Finally, make sure you are always streaming quality content – even if it means streaming for longer periods of time than necessary. let’s discuss more How to Get Verified on Twitch?

What is Meant Exactly Twitch Verified badge?

Twitch is a live streaming platform where users can watch and chat with other viewers while they watch videos. The platform has gained a large following in recent years, and many broadcasters use it to share their content. One way to distinguish yourself on Twitch is by having a verified badge.

Before discussing How to Get Verified on Twitch take a look at what is a verified badge? A verified badge is exactly a purple octagon with a checkmark on it. You will see the badge displayed with your name at the top of your screen. verifying your account means that Twitch has checked that you are who you say you are and that you have the right to stream and promote your content on the platform.

The Twitch verified badge is an indication that a user has been approved by Twitch to use its platform in a specific way. To receive the badge, users must complete verification steps, which can include providing proof of their account’s age and authenticity, as well as following Twitch’s guidelines.

How to Get Verified on Twitch? The designation is currently only granted to certain partners – those who have either reached a certain level of engagement on the platform or have demonstrated their dedication to promoting Twitch and its content.

How to Get Verified on Twitch? Step by Step Guide

How to Get Verified on Twitch: To become a verified Twitch partner, you first need to reach Twitch Affiliate status. This is a prestigious designation given to partners who have successfully built an audience and generated revenue through their streams. Once you’ve reached this level of membership, you can submit an application for verification.

Make sure all your information is accurate and up-to-date, and make sure your channel has at least 500 minutes of streaming activity. you must be done 7 different streams in the last 7 days of a week. one more thing is your followers, to get verified on twitch 50 followers are a must. once you’ve been verified, your badge will appear on your profile, and in the Partner Program navigation menu.

How to Get Verified on Twitch

1. Sure that You Will Cover All The Requirements

How to get verified on Twitch? before applying on twitch to get verified, keep in mind some requirements are essential to cover. all the requirements are given below.

  • 50 followers are must apply
  • 25 hours of the stream on Twitch in the last 30 days
  • In the Last 30 days, you must be streaming for 30 hours.
  • In the last 30 days, you must have 75 viewers. These views exclude Hosts, Raids, and Embeds.

Once you complete all the requirements, you can easily move forward with the next step of verification on twitch.

2. Open Twitch Partner Sign up by Using Your Browser

Here we will discuss How to Get Verified on Twitch and we discuss the second step of verification. After you met all the requirements of Twitch, now you can easily apply to get verified on twitch.

Sign in to your twitch account. for the further process.

  • Once you signed in, tap on the button that will appear in the upper right corner.
  • The Dropdown menu will open.
  • Further, select the option of “Request desktop site”

Once you have done the given steps, the application form to get Verified 0on twitch will be shown to you in a desktop view.

3. Filled The Varified Twitch Partner Form

Here we discuss, how to get verified on Twitch and now we will move to the third step of verification.

Twitch is a streaming platform where users can broadcast, watch, and chat about video games. To be verified on Twitch, first, you need to fill out the verified twitch partner form. you’ll need to enter your streamer username, email address, full name, and the channel description in the application. You’ll also need to provide a photo of yourself (headshot or generic photo) and your contact information. Once you’ve completed the submission process, we’ll send you an email notification with further instructions.

If you’re a popular streamer on Twitch, there’s a good chance you’re looking to get verified. Verified status means that your channel has been reviewed and approved by Twitch and is designated as being of high quality.

There are a few ways to go about getting verified, but the most popular method is to leverage your huge social media presence. for example, you can petition Twitch to add your channel to their list of verified channels. Alternatively, you can enter your YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Once you have finished filling out the application form, tap the Purple “Send Application” button at the bottom of the page.

4. Wait For the Verification Email

How to Get Verified on Twitch? In order to be verified on Twitch, you must have to wait after filing the verified twitch partner form. your form will be reviewed manually by the twitch staff, so it may take up to one week for a response. If your account is found to be in violation of the terms of service, it may be suspended or terminated. otherwise, you get a verification email.

After this whole process, congratulation you are the verified twitch partner. hope you will understand how to get verified on twitch.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand how to get verified on Twitch. we will discuss the complete method step by step to get verified on twitch. in my opinion, once you met all the requirements of twitch, you can easily get a verified partner badge on twitch.


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