How To Make A WordPress Website
How To Make A WordPress Website
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Making a word press site is not difficult. You just need to follow these steps to know that, how to make a WordPress website.

1: Find Webhosting For WordPress

You need to find a good Webhosting for WordPress. because if you find a perfect host then your website becomes perfect. In another way, if it is not perfect then your website does not work perfectly. it becomes slow and not working.

A number of hosting plans are available on the Internet. you just need to search for them and select the one which is perfect for you. One thing that keeps in your mind is, You have to choose hosting that gives the ability to install WordPress with one click.

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You simply purchased Your Webhosting by clicking on these Hosting plans:

  • Hostinger
  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy

2: Setup Your Hosting

  • Setup your Hosting after you select your hosting plan.
  • Verify your SSL verification
  • Install WordPress with one click on your Webhosting.

3: Word Press Installation

  • Installation of WordPress is very easy. if you select a hosting plan that Gives you an opportunity to install WordPress with one click. You just need to select an option for a WordPress installation.
  • You can install WordPress manually to your site control panel. goto your site control panel and install WordPress.
  • Set up your username and password for your Website.

Manual installation is the old way. Nowadays most Hosting plans allow you to install WordPress with one click. but these steps are very important to know how to make a WordPress website.

how to make a WordPress website

4: Word Press Login

After you install WordPress on your site. you get access to your login page. The login page simply depends on your username or password. you just enter these things and you get access to your site.

Find WordPress Login

Simply type your site name in your browser search list. then type /wp-admin and hit the enter key. In a few sec, you get access to your WordPress Login

Example: your site name/wp-admin/

5: Set up your WordPress Site By Admin panel

After you log in. you can set up your site with your ideas. In the following steps, I told you how to make a WordPress Website

  • Customized your site by Appearance section
  • Install various themes on your site to look attractive.
  • Add professionality to your site by installing various plugins.
  • To make your professional WordPress site Coding is not required.

6: WordPress Plugins

Plugins are very important for your WordPress site. if you need to add any extra professionality to your site. you need to install a relevant plugin to solve your problem.

Keep in mind that the plugin you have to use must be compatible with the version of WordPress that you used and recently updated.

A lot of plugins are free to use. but the shortlist is paid. It just depends on the professionality that you need to set up on your site.

How To Make A WordPress Website

What are WordPress Widgets

How to Make a WordPress Website? with the help of widgets

WordPress widgets are the elements that are used to add any specific professionality to your site. it’s a little bit different from the plugins. because you can add widgets in many parts of your site like In the header, In the footer, and in the sidebar.

WordPress Widgets are amazing elements. you can simply set up these widgets by drag&drop technique to add a professionality.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts related to How To Make A WordPress Website. Plz share this blog with your friends, Subscribe to my Newsletter, and give me your reviews in a commenting section.


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