How to Make Siri Say What you Want
How to Make Siri Say What you Want
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Are you searching for How to Make Siri Say What you Want? This article is for you, here we will discuss How to Make Siri Say What you Want.

“If you want to make Siri call you by any name, chances are you want the personal voice assistant to call you by that name. And if your existing assistant is not doing it for you, then it’s time to hire a new one.”

How to Make Siri Say What you Want? While the voice assistant is currently limited to commands, Siri can also respond to natural language queries. If you have a question about something that you want it to do, ask it and Siri will tell you what it thinks of the answer by giving a short reply.

Most people do not know what an AI-powered voice assistant is, but they have heard about it. In fact, many people use Siri on their smartphones and computers. However, Siri has been around for more than 10 years now and there are many improvements that can be done with it. The best part about Siri is that it has a personal voice which makes it more appealing to users who do not want to deal with the hassle of typing out their queries all day long. But, most people want a personalized assistant that can answer questions without the need to type them out manually or make them. let’s discuss How to Make Siri Say What you Want?

How to Make Siri Say What you Want

Why does Siri Not Say My Name

How to Make Siri Say What you Want like Siri calls your Name? If you want to make that “Siri” says your name or your nickname. you need to do some changing from the setting option.

This was a problem that many people faced when they had to use “Siri”. They often ended up typing their contact name and then asking Siri for something else in order to get what they wanted. This was time consuming and frustrating because they could not just type “I want a coffee” or “I want a book on Amazon”. let’s discuss the actual way that will help you to fix “How to Make Siri Say What you Want”

Siri will not say your name if you haven’t set it on your contact card.

How to Make Siri Say What you Want? You can set your preferred name under “My Card” in Apple’s voice assistant Siri. This feature allows you to have a more personalized experience when interacting with Siri.

“Siri” is one of the most popular voice assistants in the world. It is used by millions of people to make their daily life easier. But, it also has its limitations. One of them is that it can only say what you have set as your contact name and nothing more. This means that if you want to ask Siri for something else, then you need to type your contact name and then ask Siri for something else. Let’s discuss How to Make Siri Say What you Want? Step by step

How to Make Siri Say What You Want

How to make siri say what you want, Quick solution in easy steps.

  • Open your“Contacts” app
  • Create, complete the information in “My Card”.
  • This process includes your name, email address, picture, and address.
  • Further open “Settings” options.
  • Scroll down and click on “Siri.”
  • Further, Toggle on the switch next to “Siri” if it is not already enable.
  • Turn on “Access When Locked” button.
  • Now, Scroll down and click on the “Language” button. Choose the language that you want. Further click on ok button.
  • Click “My Info.” Here you can choose your contact card.
  • After selecting yur card info, Siri will call you by the name on the information you fill in your card info.

How to Make Siri say What You Want like “Call Me daddy” or Something Else

How to make Siri say what you want, like you want the Siri call you Daddy or anythng else that you want.

  • Simple Press and hold the Home button.
  • Say to Siri, “now You, call me Daddy.”
  • Siri will confirm the data you enter.
  • After the confirmation, Siri will call by name you confirm like Daddy or anything else.
  • You can Further change the name from “My card info”.
How to Make Siri Say What you Want

How To Make Siri Say Anything

Here we will discuss, How to Make Siri say what you want or anything else like a huge sentence.

  • Open Navigate Settings, Further, General option, Further, Accessibility option, and Speech.
  • Click on the button next to “Speech Selection.”
  • Turn on the “Speak Screen” option to Allow Siri a screen reader.
  • After this, Siri will speak the content of your screen.
  • From “Voices” option, you can choose the type of voice.
  • At Right below section, increase or decrease the “Speaking Rate” of Siri.
  • Open any typing App like “Notes”
  • Type on Notes or paste whatever you want from “Siri” to say.
  • Further, Highlight the text from holding text with your finger and tap the Speak icon.
  • After tapping the Speak icon, Siri will speak what ever you selected to say.

It would be helpful and save your time. if you follow the given steps in the case of how to make Siri say what you want to say.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand how to make Siri say what you want. and how to make Siri say what you want like Daddy or anything else. you can also type a text on notes and say Siri to speak the given text. the method is also given in the above section.

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