How To Take a Selfie Men
How To Take a Selfie Men
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If men take a selfie in the right way then it looks perfect whenever they take a single selfie. for our readers, we will discuss, How to take a selfie men in detail, and also we will discuss the Top 10 Best Tips to take a selfie that helps you make a perfect one.

Today everyone has a smartphone and everybody wants to look perfect and grab their beauty in a selfie. People are taking selfies and then posting them on their social media accounts. they are getting crazy to know their friend’s comments on their post. It looks very easy and most people thought that taking a selfie is too much easy. but according to professionals, Selfies are not easy. you have to search for them, you need to know about the perfect way to take a selfie. otherwise, maybe you think that you are looking perfect in your selfie but your viewers and friends don’t like your selfie.

Aron Marino of alpha m. says that 93 million selfies are taken per day. according to this figure, selfies have an important role in our daily life. I think we just have to know how to take a selfie men. most of the selfies are taken regularly but not all of them are perfect. if someone takes a selfie then it takes several shots and then chooses the best one. but if you have a little bit of idea about how to take a selfie men then you can easily take a perfect shot without wasting your time in several shots.

I think that selfies are more difficult than any other way of taking pics. because while you take a selfie it only depends on you to take a perfect shot in another way, if your friend is a professional then they can easily take your perfect shot.

If you love to take a selfies on daily basis and share your selfies on your social media accounts and also with your besties. then this article helps full for you. after reading this article I am sure that, you can grab more people on your social accounts because if you look perfect then your viewers attract to your selfie.

Now we will discuss the Top 10 best tips to take a selfie that improve your selfie satisfaction and you will quickly understand how to take a selfie men

How To Take a Selfie Men

Top 10 Best Tips to Take a Selfie- How To Take a Selfie Men

1. Why do you take a Selfie

Whenever you open your camera to take a selfie, determine the purpose of this selfie because if you want to take a selfie to post on your social accounts so you have to take a shot with an awesome background that looks perfect on your social account. but if you take a selfie for a special person then the way to take a selfie is different. you have much focused on your beauty, face impressions, and clothes. so the first tip is before taking a selfie manage it according to the purpose.

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2. Determine The mode of Your Camera

You need to determine the mode of your camera. if you want extra beauty then set it to beauty mode. and if you want to take a casual selfie then set it on the default camera mode. A portrait mode is also the best mode to take a perfect selfie. it gives you a perfect selfie while you are signaled. but if you take a selfie with your friend then always choose the default selfie mode or a beauty mode to take a perfect selfie.

3. Look at Yourself Perfectly

Before taking a pitcher you must need to have a deep look at yourself. For example, check out whether your hair and clothes look perfect in a selfie or not. this is very important because if you don,t focus on your hair then maybe you can’t take a perfect selfie.

4. Check the Background

The next important thing is background. you need to determine whether your background looks perfect or not. if you take a selfie and you look perfect in your selfie but your background looks bad then it makes a very bad impact on your selfie. most peoples dislike your selfie just because of a bad background.

5. It,s All About Lightning

lightning is an important thing while anybody discusses a selfie it always focuses on this important point. whenever you take a selfie in your room. you need to stand in front of the window to have a good effect of light on your selfie. Keep in mind that always stand in front of the light not opposite to the light.

6. Play With Different Angles

Open your camera and raise your hand in the air and play with different angles. say cheers and look perfectly that which angle gives you a perfect selfie. before taking a selfie always spend some time to recognize which angle is perfect to take a selfie.

7. Freeze your Hand, Stop Breathing

Freezing your hand in 1 place is very important. if you will not focus on this point then always take a selfie it may be blurry or unclear. a trick to freeze your hand is very simple. you just need to stop your breath when you take a selfie it helps you a lot to freeze your hand perfectly.

8. 3 Seconds Counter

When you are ready to take a selfie. count for three seconds like one, two, three, and click the selfie button. or you can easily set up the seconds counter from your camera setting. this may help to have a final look at yourself before taking a selfie.

9. Spend Time On Editing

Editing is the last but the most important part to take a perfect selfie. you need to spend time editing. try different filters on your selfie and choose the best one that looks perfect. most people just try a single filter and thought this one is perfect. this is wrong, you don’t have to do it this way. spending more time on editing makes your selfie a perfect one.

10. Have Fun With Your Selfie

Now, you will capture a perfect selfie successfully. It’s time to have fun with it. Share your selfie with your friends. and also on your social media accounts and attract people toward your selfie.

How To Take a Selfie Men

Wrapping up:

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand how to take a selfie men. I am sure that if you follow these tips then you will take a perfect selfie easily. and easily attract others to your perfect selfies.


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