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Writing a proposal for a freelance project is known as bidding. If you want to win a freelance project then you have to bid on it.

Writing A Bid Proposal

Before bidding on any project you need to understand perfectly. what is the problem with your client after this you have to bid on the project? For winning a project on any freelance marketplace like Upwork,,, or people-per-hour you need to follow some steps. because the first important thing is winning the project.

Bidding Proposal Example

  • When you write a proposal on any marketplace you need to start your bidding proposal with nice Greetings. example (Hello David, Hi)
  • After this, you need to Re-stating the employer project. This means telling your client about his project you need to tell your client that you easily understand what they want.
  • Then introduce yourself ‘who are you ‘ and what you can do. Introduce the industries you have worked with and also tell your work experience and most important if you have your own brand. Then introduce your brand to your client this may helpful for your brand marketing.
  • After this purpose, you need to tell your client about the solution. This means telling your user what you can do for project problems and giving them a perfect solution. if the client is impressed with your solution then you have more chance to win a project and make money online with freelancing,
  • Portfolio, it’s a very good thing for beginners to achieve a goal with the help of a portfolio you can show your work to the client. Makes your website put, all of your working experience on this site and shared your experience with your client. this exercise stimulates your client to offer a project to you.
  • You need to add some Magic tricks in your proposal like offering a free mock-up to your client. This will attract a client to your proposal and once the client is attracted, then winning a project becomes easy. one more trick is very important, Ask a question about your client’s project. For example, how many days a client offers to complete a project?
  • Make a short video for your client to explain what you can do for this project introduce your skill in this video and also give a link to your website to show your work.
  • In the end, close your proposal with thanks.

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Why a Perfect Proposal is Important?

Making a perfect proposal really matters. if you write a perfect proposal then the client is easily attracted to your proposal and offers you his project otherwise if you don’t spend your full attention on writing a proposal then winning a freelance project is really difficult for any freelancer. so make sure your proposal is perfect and follows the same way that discusses in this blog post.

All credit goes to my Sir Hisham Sarvar who teach us, How to bid on a freelance project if you want to learn more about freelancing then visit their Youtube channel and also visit his blog

If you are a beginner and want to make money online with freelancing then I tell you 4 most famous freelancing websites

Where do you find a job?

You have to find work on these given freelancing websites.

  • Upwork .com
  • guru .com
  • Freelancer .com
  • Fiverr
  • People-per-hour

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Wrapping Up

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