Input And Output Devices
Input And Output Devices
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A computer is a programmable machine that can work on various types of data. The devices that must need user command to work with the computer such devices are called input and output devices of the computer.

Input and Output Devices of The Computer

Here I tell you about the input and output devices of the computer.

A computer is a machine that requires instructions from the user to complete any task. To give instructions to a computer, you just need that type of device that has the ability to tell the computer about user instructions. For this purpose, you need some input and output devices.

Definition Of Input and output devices

Input devices:

Input devices are used to give instructions to computers.

These devices allow us to enter data into the computer.

Examples are Mouse, Keyboard, etc

Output Devices:

These devices are used to display information on the computer.

These devices are shown the output of user instructions on a monitor and then the user has the ability to print this information through the printer.

Some commonly used output devices are Monitors and printers.

Working of Input and Output Devices

The working of input and output devices is simple. The signals that the system receives are called input and the data that it sends is called output. We used input devices to give instructions to the computer and output devices for getting results.

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Examples of Input and Output Devices

Touch pen

A touch pen is an amazing tool. It allows the user to write on the display and also makes beautiful drawings. It has impressive sensitivity and responds to the touch screen effectively. if you are a designer then this tool is very competitive for you by using this device designing becomes easy.

input and output devices


The keyboard is an input device that allows its user to enter data into the computer by hitting its buttons. The Keyboard controller records which button is hitting by the user and according to the information, it tells the computer what to do.

The keyboard controller gives information to the computer with the help of signals. when these signals are received by the CPU the Central Processing Unit evaluates the signal and works on it. Every button on the keyboard has a specialty. The user used these buttons according to their requirements.

input and output devices

Now discuss the most commonly used output device


It is an output device that is used for print output on paper. it is mostly used in various places like offices and some shops. it is very helpful for getting a hard copy of the information.

When the user gives a command to print some specific data then the CPU generates a signal for the printer. The printer works according to the signal and prints your data perfectly. but one thing keeps in your mind, Every printer has its own specialty. Modern and expensive models give the best result in the way of output.

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Input And Output Devices List

Input Devices

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Micro Phone
  • Joystick
  • Trackballs
  • Gamepad
  • Scanner
  • Barcode reader
  • Magnetic tape drive

Output Devices

  • Monitor
  • Projector
  • Film recorder
  • Printer
  • Visual display unit
  • Speaker

Why The Input And Output Devices Are Necessary For The Computer?

The input and output devices of the computer are required to communicate with the computer. The input devices are used for entering data into the computer while the output devices are used for getting information output and showing the results of input.

The computer does not work effectively without input and output devices.

input and output devices

Touch Screen is An Input Or Output Device?

The Touch screen is both an input and output device.

it is an amazing tool and it’s layered on the OLED and LED display. it allows the user to work by just touching the screen. This way we don’t need a keyboard and mouse to communicate with the computer. A touch screen is a user-friendly tool.

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