Killing Stalking Characters
Killing Stalking Characters
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Here, in this guide, we will discuss all killing stalking characters. In Killing Stalking, Sangwoo is a serial killer and Yoon Bum is his stalking victim. Sangwoo murders Yoon Bum’s family and friends, but Yoon Bum survives and begins to stalk Sangwoo in return. What starts as a game of cat and mouse quickly spirals out of control, leading to violence and bloodshed.

before discussing all killing stalking characters, take a look at a short intro to this series. Killing Stalking is a psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story is well-written and the artwork is stunning, making it one of the most popular manhwas online today. If you’re looking for a dark and twisted manga to read, then be sure to check out Killing Stalking. let’s discuss all the killing stalking characters in detail.

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All Killing Stalking Characters

Main Characters

Yoon Bum

Yoon’s bum is included in the main killing stalking characters. Yoon Bum is a mentally ill young man who suffers from BPD and PTSD. He is infatuated with Sangwoo and breaks into his home to kill him. However, Sangwoo is able to fight back and kills Yoon Bum in the process. This event kicks off a killing spree among the other killing stalking characters in the story, as they are all stalked and killed by Sangwoo.

Killing Stalking Characters

One of the most interesting things about the killing stalking characters is that one of the male protagonists, Yoon Bum, seems to be bisexual. He shows interest in both women and men, although this could be maybe even seen as pansexuality as gender doesn’t seem to be a defining factor for him. This makes for an interesting plot point and helps to add depth to his character.

After losing his parents, he was abused by his uncle in every possible way and bullied in school. The only thing that made him happy was having a crush on a girl in high school.

Bum is naive and somewhat childlike. His life is full of traumatic experiences since the moment he was born; he lost his parents when he was even younger and has been living on the streets ever since. He is constantly being stalked and harassed by different characters in the series, most notably Sangwoo.

Oh Sangwoo

Oh Sangwoo is included in the main killing stalking characters. he is a popular man who is well-liked for his look and sociable personality. He seems to have it all, but there is a dark side to him that not many people know about. Oh Sangwoo is actually the deuteragonist and primary antagonist of the hit thriller webtoon, Killing Stalking.

In Killing Stalking, he is a serial killer who stalks and kills his victims. He is extremely dangerous, and viewers are kept on the edge of their seats as they watch him commit murder after murder. Despite his dark nature, Oh Sangwoo is still a very popular character. He has a large following on social media, and many people are fascinated by his twisted mind.

Killing Stalking Characters

Oh Sangwoo is one of the most popular kids in school. He’s smart, athletic, and easy to get along with. Girls love him and he seems like the perfect guy. But there’s a dark side to Oh Sangwoo. He’s actually a serial killer who stalks and kills killing stalking characters from webtoons.

Most people don’t know about his dark side, because he hides it well. His near-perfect persona helps him evade suspicion. But eventually, his secret will be exposed and the world will see him for the monster he truly is.

Yang Seungbae

Yang Seungbae is included in the main killing stalking characters. He is a new police officer transferred from Seoul to the small town of Miryang. He doesn’t get a lot of respect from his coworkers, who view him as an outsider. Yang is suspicious of Sangwoo, the local high school student who has been recently accused of killing his classmate. He thinks that Sangwoo may be involved in other crimes as well.

Killing Stalking Characters

He is a clueless guy magnet. He gets pretty around guys hitting on him during the investigation of a few gay bars as well. This is mostly because he mistakes any kind of interest in him as romantic and not just friendly banter. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t charming in his own way – he’s always the life of the party and can make anyone laugh. Unfortunately, his cluelessness often gets him into trouble with men he’s attracted to, and it usually results in some kind of killing stalking characters situation.

Other Characters

Kim Seokho

Kim Seokho is also included in the killing stalking characters. In the starting, Sangwoo meets Kim Seokho a man at a gay bar and subsequently brings him home. He’s an interesting character – he’s a killer, but he’s also a very stalker, always following Sangwoo and watching him. Sangwoo is initially creeped out by him, but he starts to like Kim Seokho’s attentions, and eventually brings him home.

Once they’re alone together, Kim Seokho reveals his dark side – he’s a killer who enjoys stalking and murdering his victims. Sangwoo is horrified by this revelation and tries to escape, but Kim Seokho catches him. He proceeds to rape and murder Sangwoo, in a violent and brutal attack.

Min Jieun

Min Jieun is included in one of the most popular killing stalking characters. She is just like many students at Sangwoo’s college. She is very infatuated with him and has made fun of Bum alongside another girl. They didn’t seem to care that he was being killed and stalked by Sangwoo.

Killing Stalking Characters

she has a beautiful and curvey body and also has large breasts. she has been sexy with Sangwoo in the entire series. she has been murdered after short sex with Sangwoo.

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Detective Lee

Detective Lee is also included in the most popular killing stalking characters. He is a detective from Seoul who is looking into the murder case of one of Sangwoo’s victims, the daughter of the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. The victim was killed by stabbing, and it is believed that Sangwoo may have been stalking her before she was killed. he is hoping to find any clues that may lead to Sangwoo’s arrest.

Detective Lee has been trying to make progress with the CEO’s daughter but has not had much success until Seungbae gets involved. Seungbae supports Lee in arresting Sangwoo, but due to a lack of evidence, they are only able to detain him. Sangwoo is released shortly afterward, and it is clear that he is still a threat to the CEO’s daughter.

Yoon Jae

Yoon Jae is also included in the most popular killing stalking characters. Bullying is a problem that has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It seems to be especially rampant in schools, where children are trying to find their place in the world and figure out who they are. For some, this process can be difficult and lead to them being bullied by their peers.

This was the case for Yoon Jae, who was bullied throughout primary and middle school because of the killing stalking characters they played in school. Even after meeting over a decade later, Yoon Jae continued to talk down on Bum in public, despite the fact that they were now adults with families of their own.

Yoon Bum’s Uncle and Grandmother

Yoon Bum’s Uncle and Grandmother are also included in the most popular killing stalking characters. When Yoon Bum, the protagonist of the webtoon “Yoon’s Bum,” went for a walk to try and clear his head after what happened the previous night, he didn’t expect to have to face his stalker again. This time, however, the tables were turned, and it was the stalker who was running away in terror after Yoon Bum’s Uncle came out with his wooden bat.

Killing Stalking Characters

It all started when Yoon Bum’s Grandmother called him to tell him that she had seen his stalker outside their house. Yoon Bum quickly went outside to confront him, but the stalker ran away. The next day, while Yoon Bum was on a walk, the stalker appeared again. This time, however, Yoon Bum’s Uncle was there to protect him.

Sangwoo’s Parents

Sangwoo’s Parents are also included in the most popular killing stalking characters. His backstory is full of surprises, and one of the most unexpected revelations is that his dad was actually a relatively normal, decent person. In the big flashback scene, Sangwoo’s dad appears and it’s clear that he’s been badly beaten up – but surprisingly, he doesn’t seem angry or vindictive towards Sangwoo. He even tries to comfort his son, telling him that it’s not his fault and that he loves him.

Unfortunately, this moment of peace is short-lived, as Sangwoo’s mom soon shows up and starts berating her husband. The argument quickly turns violent and Dad is killed by Mom. This scene paints a very different picture of Sangwoo’s family than what we’re used to seeing; usually, his parents are portrayed as cold-blooded killers who enjoy stalking and tormenting people.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly get important facts related to all killing stalking characters. we will discuss all killing stalking characters life style and series stories in detail.


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