Make Money From Copywriting
Make Money From Copywriting
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Most people are talking about copywriting and want to make money. In this article, we discussed how to make money from copywriting by an authentic formula which is important to writing good copywriting that sells.

What Is Make Money From Copywriting

Copywriting depends on three things Persuade, Influence, and Engage. it’s simply a letter that you type to sell your product by keeping the user in mind. you need to persuade or engage people to buy your product with the magic of your copywriting. copywriting is very important in selling products if you are a good copywriter then you easily engage clients for your products. A number of people are using this skill to make money online.

Make Money From Copywriting

9 Points Formula For Copywriting

1: Heading

For best copywriting, your heading must be strong and striking. The heading is the first impression. you need to make your Heading about your offer introduction, why you are the best, and the reason why the buyer purchased the item from you.

2: Opening

The second most important thing to make money from copywriting is your persuasive opening. if your opening is the best then it persuades the buyer to choose your product.

For example:

  • Are you looking for money?
  • Want to make money from copywriting?
  • Want to become a successful person?

you need to set up your opening according to your niche.

3: Testimonials

Testimonials are very important to write sales copy that sells. Show your clients in your copywriting that feel comfortable using your products. if some famous personality is your customer then you should mention it in your copywriting. For Example: (People are recommended you)

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4: Offers/Benefits

To make money from copywriting, you need to add benefits of your product in your copywriting like if you use over product then your money should not be wasted, and nobody sells this product at this low price. After this give offers to your customers. you need to offer a big bang offer that persuades the customer to your product.

5: Credentials

Credentials mean to introduce yourself, and your work experience in copywriting. Focus on this point Why me, why I am the best to do this work? what I have done in the past? Why you should read me? In this section just talk about your professionality.

6: Risk Reversal

Risk reversal means, Offering a money-back guarantee to your customer. For example: if my product does not work perfectly so I give you an opportunity for a hundred percent refund.

Make Money From Copywriting

7: Scarcity

Creating scarcity in your copywriting to sell your product and make money from copywriting. Example Sale, Sale, Sale, 24 Hours Sale. you have to persuade your customer by making scarcity in that way another example: if you buy this product in the next two hours then it will be 100$ and if you buy it After two hours then you need to pay the actual amount.

8: Urgency

Urgency is very important to make good copywriting that sells. it is also a marketing technique that means 1st come 1st served.

9: Call To Action

The Last and final step of your copywriting is a call to action. Providing your clickable phone number, email address, and website link in your copywriting to your customer.


  • If you are interested then call on this number.
  • give me your email address so get in touch with me.
  • For more information visit our site by this weblink.

So these are the nine points to make a perfect copywriting. There is another formula whose name is the AIDA formula.

Make Money From Copywriting

AIDA Formula Copywriting

AIDA is a marketing tool that divides into four steps. A(attention), I(interest), D(desire), A(action).

1. Attention

Grab the attention of your reader with a striking headline. The headline depends on these factors (introduction, discover, why, reason)

2. Interest

Creating interest with your great opening. Example: Are you looking for money?

3. Desired

You need to create desire by talking about interest. Example: Do you wish to be a millionaire?

4. Action

Make a call to action after urgency and creating scarcity. Example: If you booked your order in the next 24 hours then we offered you to buy one get one free and also a money-back guarantee.

Wrapping Up

This is AIDA copywriting formula, keep these steps in your mind and make money from copywriting. If this blog is helpful to you then plz share it with your loving friends.



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