Switch wont Turn on
Switch wont Turn on
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Are you searching for how to fix “Switch wont Turn on”? Here we will discuss various methods that will help you to fix the given error.

When you are using a Nintendo Switch, you should expect that the console will not turn on for some time. When it does turn on, it will be a very slow process and the console may not work at all.

So How to Fix “Switch wont Turn on“?

With the Nintendo Switch, many people are excited to buy it. But unfortunately, the console has been plagued with an issue that leaves it turned off looking like it’s broken.

We have decided to share our findings from our ongoing research of the issues that can occur when attempting to use a Nintendo Switch.

“Switch wont Turn on” The problem with Nintendo Switch is that it doesn’t turn on. The console is not recognized by the operating system and when you try to turn it on, you get a message saying that the console won’t turn on.

It turns out that this issue is caused by a faulty circuit board inside the Nintendo Switch console. The circuit board contains an electronic component called an “IC” (integrated circuit). This component has two major functions – it can send data to other components onboard the Nintendo Switch and also receive data from them.

But this is not only the reason behind your Nintendo switch not working there is a list of errors that can be a cause of your switch not working perfectly. let’s discuss how to fix “Switch wont Turn on”

Charging Cable Problem

Sometimes the charging cable is not working perfectly and as result. your Nintendo switch will not turn on when the whole battery is used. so, if you face a problem “Switch wont turn on.“ you need to check out the charging cable. Search for any error on the cable. if you don’t find anything, replace the cable and charge your Nintendo switch. now, if the problem will appear in the charging cable it will be fixed after changing the cable. and your switch starts working perfectly.

Empty Battery

If your Nintendo Switch wont Turn on. you need to check out the battery status. maybe your switch will not turn on due to the empty battery status.

Hardware Failure

Now, if you don’t find any issue in your Switch from the above options. then it’s not a good sign for you. it means your Nintendo switch needs a professional that will repair it for further use.

Full charge Your Switch

Before, take a decision for your switch and submitted that your switch wont turn on just because of any hardware issue. it would be helpful if you use your last chance and charge your switch again. maybe the last time your switch is not charged perfectly. once you recharge your switch again maybe your problem will be fixed.

Before taking any other action against your switch, you need to let free your Nintendo switch for some hours to make sure that your switch is fully charged but still not turn on.

Force Restart

The next option to fix the error “Switch wont turn on“ is force restart. it would be helpful for you if you try to turn on your switch with the given method before taking any hard decision for your Nintendo switch.

How to fix “switch wont turn on“

  • First of all, Press and hold the power button for 12 to 15 seconds.
  • When 15 seconds will be passed, release the power button and quickly press it again and again until you reach three tries, third time hold the button until your Nitendo switch will be on.
  • See your switch will Trun on or not.

After this action if your problem will not be solved, then try another solution to fix the error “switch wont turn on.“ let’s go forward to the next solution.

Hard Reset

Before taking any hard decision against your Nintendo switch. you need to try this last option to fix the error “switch wont turn on.“

How To Fix “switch wont turn on“ Via Hard Reset

To Turn on your Nintendo switch with a hard reset, you need to follow the given steps.

  • Press and hold the power button and also hold up and down volume buttons for 5 seconds.
  • Maintenance mode will open.
  • Now, we are in the Maintenance Mode, use the Joy-Con to navigate right to Initialize Console Without Deleting Save Data and simply press OK button.
  • Follow the all given instructions, and taste again for last time. and check out your nitendo switch will turn on or not.

After, check out all of the given solutions. now, it’s time to listen to bad news. if your switch is still not Turned on. you need to hire a professional to handle the problem and fix the error “switch wont turn on.“

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand how to fix the “switch wont turn on.“ we will discuss various ways that will be helpful for any user of Nintendo switch to fix the given error “switch wont turn on.“

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