iPhone Tricks
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Whether you are a seasoned or newbie iPhone user, the chances are you are unaware of some of the hidden features or some iPhone Tricks. It is not your fault because Apple doesn’t fully reveal some of its product’s more remarkable characteristics; therefore, it is a fun journey to unearth them. So, if you are ready to go on an adventure to discover what more your phone can do other than help you with your regular tasks, here are the top iPhone tricks.

Turn the Apple logo into a Button

Apple introduced a feature with iOS 14 where users can double and triple tap the back of their phone to trigger a specified action. Whether you want to take a screenshot or mute your phone, you can do so by tapping the back of your phone. You can take advantage of the feature by going to Settings > tapping Accessibility > Physical and Motor > tapping Touch. You have to scroll down and find the Back Tap option. You have to choose the option and select Double Tap or Triple Tap. Then, it would be best to choose the action you want the back tap to trigger. You can execute actions with the back tap: viewing the Notification Center, controlling the volume, taking a screenshot, etc.

iPhone Tricks

See and Retrieve the Deleted Messages on Your Phone

So, you have accidentally deleted an important text message? Worry not because your message isn’t completely lost. You can still see and recover your deleted text messages on your iPhone. If you wonder how to see deleted messages on iPhone, you must use Finder. You can also use iTunes or rummage through your iCloud backups.

Record Videos With Music in the Background

If you generally try to record a video while music from Apple Music or Spotify is playing in the background, the song will stop when you open the video pane. But you can work your way around this limitation.

When there’s a song playing in the background, you can launch your Camera application, and instead of switching to the video mode, tap the white shutter button and drag it to the right. Then, your phone will start recording if there’s music playing in the background.


Change the Default Email and Browser Apps

Using other applications as default for things like your email application or Internet browser is another great feature added to iOS 14. Therefore, if you wish to use Google Chrome as your default web browser, you can download and install it. Tap on Chrome and choose the Default Browser option. Then, open Settings and find Chrome in the list. So, Chrome will become your default browser.

The exact process can be repeated with email applications. So, if you wish to use Gmail or Spark instead of Mail as your default mail app, you can go to Settings and search for the third-party mail app. Then, you must tap on it and select it as your Default Mail App.

iPhone Tricks

Activate Dark Mode on a Schedule

Dark Mode has revolutionized how phones are used because it helps cut down eye strain. You can activate it by going to Settings > tapping on Display and selecting the dark mode option. If you wish to start it to a bespoke schedule automatically, you have to toggle the Automatic tab and tap on the Options tab. Then, you have to choose a Custom Schedule and set a light and dark time. Now, the dark mode will activate and deactivate according to your schedule.

Fake Eye Contact in Facetime Calls

Faking eye contact in FaceTime calls is a cool trick, and you can enable it by going to Settings > tapping on FaceTime > tapping on Eye Contact. Enable that toggle so that whenever you are on a FaceTime call, it will appear like you are directly looking at the person or camera on the other side of the call, even if you are not looking at your screen.

Let your Notifications Flash

If you do not want to miss another notification but want your phone to remain silent, you can set up your phone’s LED flash to blink when your iPhone is silenced and locked. You can also enable Flash on Silent if you want the LED to flash when your phone is muted. Head to Settings > tap on Accessibility > Audio/Visual > toggle the LED Flash for Alerts to On.

Rectify Siri’s Pronunciation

While Siri is brilliant, the assistant sometimes gets into trouble with some names. You can give her a helping hand. You need to open your Contacts and choose the contact you wish to add a phonetic pronunciation to. Then, it would be best to tap Edit and add a field. You have to tap the Phonetic first, middle, or last name. Enter the phonetic spelling of the name and tap Done. If you want to do this with your voice, you can say, Hey Siri, learn to pronounce (name of the contact), and Siri will ask you how to pronounce their first or last name.

So, learn these tricks and wow your friends while making the most use of your iPhone.


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