Increase RPM For Webpage
Increase RPM For Webpage
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Hi, guys in this post I will talk about increase RPM of WebPages. As you are aware, increasing page RPM or CPM can be accomplished through various methods, but it is not easy. However, if you use the appropriate tactics, it is achievable. It affects your earnings whether they continue to climb, remains steady for a period, or fall precipitously.

Maintaining CPM, RPM or CTR has always been a hassle for publishers. But it’s not anymore! This article will teach you how to boost your Page RPM and keep it high.

What Is Page RPM?

  “Revenue per Mille” is referred to as RPM. Page RPM is the expected amount of money you can make by giving readers thousand-page hits. Every thousand views have a value associated with them, according to the concept behind the statistic.

What Elements Have an Impact on Page RPM?

Your page RPM is mostly affected by two factors:

  • Click-through-rate (CTR) –Ad networks track CTR to determine how many views they can expect from an ad for X impressions. Your site’s CTR would be 5% if it received 5 clicks for every 100 impressions. The page RPM increases as the CTR increases.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) states the amount an advertisement will give you in exchange for a click. It changes according to the ad’s specialty, setting, and substance.
Increase RPM For Webpage

9 Steps to Increase RPM For Webpage

Raising the CPC and CTR will unquestionably enhance your page RPM. However, that is not the only option to opt for. There are further strategies you can use to raise your RPM;

Ensure the Quality of your Content

Even if it may sound trite at this point, concentrating on the quality of your content is the cornerstone that will enable you to demand a higher page RPM. While content by itself is not a guarantee for higher RPM, the enterprise-level publishers’ material is top-notch! Therefore, concentrate on producing top-notch material frequently. Strong content that resonates with your audience has a cascading impact on all the other optimizations and KPIs.

Boost Site Performance and Address Technical Glitches

To enhance user experience and ad viewability, you should speed up your website, ads, and pages. However, you should also remain aware of any other technical problems that can impair your productivity, such as redirects or problems with mobile graphics.

Over time, these technical flaws will negatively impact your SEO efforts, which will also influence your page RPM.

Acquire Access to Premium Ad Networks

The fill rate is a crucial indicator of the number of ad units publishers can fill with advertisements. Reaching a 100% fill rate is challenging due to outside variables like network issues or users leaving the page before the advert loaded. Partnering with Increase Rev can assist you in increasing your page RPM along with a 100% fill rate, which is one strategy you can take to raise your revenues.

Ad Refresh

You can show the same user many adverts on the same ad location by using ad refresh. When a need is satisfied, such as a time on a page, a visitor activity, or any other activity, an ad is refreshed and swapped with another ad Publishers should refresh only the advertising unit that the user is presently viewing. Even while your CPMs for those views would be smaller than for the initial ad served, your page RPM will increase.

Ensure the Advertisements are Pertinent to the Target Market

Setting up the appropriate targeting for your visitors is essential to raise your page RPM. Your audience is significantly more inclined to click on an ad when it is relevant to them, which boosts the impact of your adverts. You can set up various website objectives for certain areas or themes to make your advertising more relevant.

Increase RPM For Webpage

Header Bidding

Header bidding is a programmatic advertising approach that enables you to present your ad content to various ad networks, which then compete to insert an ad on your website. One effective strategy to increase your ad revenue is to allow ad exchanges to display your ad placements to topmost advertisers so they can make bids on them and purchase them for a hefty premium. Increase Rev(advertising company)empowers you to enable Header bidding on your site if you’ve quality content and traffic.

Focus On Organic Traffic

When we talk about increasing page RPM Instead of focusing solely on traffic volume, you should strive to improve traffic quality. Because the material you provide is pertinent to the user’s query, organic users are more likely to be high-quality users that visit your site. Advertisers typically boost their bidding for ads on the ad space when you have highly engaged visitors, raising your RPM.

Quality Content Suggestions to Keep Users Interested

Content recommendation engines aim to direct readers to related information, so they stay interested and linger on the site longer. By increasing page views, you can raise your RPM because more visitors to your website mean more opportunities for them to click on ads.

Improve Ad Placement, Ad Formats, and Ad Layouts

You can concede a diverse range of ad formats on your webpage, including text, display, video, rich media, or versatile advertisements, which might let you obtain higher costs per click or engagement with certain ad types. Rich media or the use of video advertising serving templates (VAST) do not, however, ensure an increase in page revenue per visitor (RPM). To maximize your RPMs, you’ll need to conduct some split testing and identify the ideal format combination.


All the finest methods that have been demonstrated to increase RPM for your page is presented above. You can use any of these techniques to get a better CPM, or apply for one of the best advertising networks, Increase Rev, for maximum yield. I hope you understand how to increase page RPM.


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