Snapchat Symbol Meanings
Snapchat Symbol Meanings
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Many users of Snapchat are confused about Snapchat Symbol meanings, and it is difficult for them to understand what precisely the symbol means. Because whenever a user opens his chat room on Snapchat, they have to see some different symbols on Different chats. If that user is a new one, they must be searched for the Snapchat symbol meanings. That is why we want to discuss the meanings of these symbols for our beloved readers.

How To Understand Snapchat Symbols?

There is no rocket science behind these symbols. You need to take a piece of knowledge about Snapchat symbol meanings. This article will discuss all the meanings of Snapchat symbols and help you understand them easily. Let’s start without wasting your time.

Snapchat Symbol Meanings – All Symbols

Here we will discuss all Snapchat Symbols:

Snapchat Symbol Meanings

All Arrows Symbols of Snapchat- Snapchat Symbol meanings

1. Red Arrow

The red arrow means Your friend is Sending you a Snap without Audio.

2. Purple Arrow

Purple Arrow means someone is sending you a snap with Audio. For example, Video.

3. Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow indicates Chat has been successfully sent.

4. Grey Arrow

Grey Arrow implies that a specific person has not accepted your friend request yet.

5. Red non-fill Arrow

The Red non-fill arrow means your friend opens your sending snap without Audio.

6. Purple non-fill Arrow

It simply means that your friend will open your snap with Audio.

7. Blue non-fill Arrow

Indicated that your friend will open your Chat.

8. Green non-fill Arrow

Cash will be viewed or received.

Snapchat Symbol Meanings

All Boxes Symbols of Snapchat – Snapchat Symbol meanings

1. Red Box

This box indicates that you have received Snap without Audio.

2. Purple Box

Purple Box means you have received a snap with Audio.

3. Blue Box

You received a chat Successfully.

4. Red non-fill Box

It shows your sending snap without Audio has been opened.

5. Purple non-fill Box

This box means your sending snap with Audio will be opened.

6. Blue non-fill Box

It simply indicates your friend has viewed Chat.

7. Grey non-fill Box

This symbol is unique, and it means your snap or Chat had not been viewed by the person, and if it shows for a long time, maybe that person will block you on Snapchat.

Screenshot Icons – Snapchat Symbol Meanings

1. 2 Red Opposite Arrows

This symbol indicates your friend took a screenshot of your sending Snap without Audio.

2. 2 Purple Opposite Arrows

It indicates that your friend will take a screenshot of your sending snap with Audio.

3. 2 Blue Opposite Arrows

It represents that your friend will take a screenshot of your sending chat.

Other Symbols

1. Red Rotate Arrow

Your friend has replied to your sending snap with Audio.

2. Purple Rotate Arrow

It shows that your friend has replied to your sending snap with Audio.

These are all the Snapchat symbol meanings that will appear on the Snapchat chat room and confuse many users.

Snapchat Symbol Meanings

How Can You Use a Snapchat?

Snapchat is most famous for its Snapped sharing technique. But you can also use Snapchat for different purposes. You can easily invite many friends on Snapchat and make a vast network. You can also make your friend group on Snapchat. The problem is that once somebody chats with their friend, the CChatwill disappear after 24 hours. There is no backup of Chat on Snapchat for more than 24 hours. Keep in mind that if you have some critical Chat with your friend, you need to save it for future use.

Some users think that someone sends them a Snap with Audio on Snapchat. So, they can’t save it for the future. But this doesn’t seem right, they think due to the lack of knowledge. We will discuss the process to save Video briefly. If you want to solve a problem perfectly, you can read this article to solve the problem.

Also read: How To Save a Snapchat Video From Someone Else.

You need to select an option of saving it in the camera roll; in a while, your snap with Audio will appear in your phone gallery. You can easily see this Video whenever you want. As I discussed above, there is no chat backup on Snapchat for more than 24 hours. So, if you don’t save that Video in 24 hours, you must be lost it.

Snapchat Fun

Many people are using Snapchat for fun all over the world. Significantly a million users are using Snapchat in the USA daily. Snapchat is not just a Social media platform. It allows its users to take snaps by using attractive filters on their snaps. They also help them to make their memories rememberable.

Snapchat provides many filters for its users. You can also make money online by using Snapchat if you are a professional, making an attractive filter. So, you can easily upload this filter by contact with Snapchat. The important thing is the quality of your filter. If your filters look perfect, Snapchat uploads your filter for the users, and you can make money by using Snapchat.

People also make fun by uploading stories on Snapchat. If you are familiar with Facebook and Instagram, you better know how people make fun by uploading stories. The users of Snapchat can quickly upload a story on Snapchat and share it with their friends. The users can also easily see their friends’ stories by clicking on the stories button.


If we talk about the use of Snapchat, is the most popular Social media platform in the world. According to recent research of 2021. there are more than 360 million users who use Snapchat daily. In my opinion, Snapchat is the best Snap sharing platform that allows many options for its users. Snapchat allows its users to take a snap by using different attractive filters. Many users are making fun of using this facility and sharing their snaps with their friends on Snapchat.

Wrapping Up

I hope you understand the Snapchat symbol meanings quickly and enjoy this blog. Suppose you are still confused about Snapchat symbol meanings. You can ask your question in the comment section. I try my best to discuss all Snapchat symbols in an essay. Please share this blog with your friends, Subscribe to our newsletter, and stay with us for more informational articles.


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