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On-page SEO techniques
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On-page SEO ranking is very important to getting rank in the Google search engine. Many content writers are worried about their content because they will not rank in the Google search engine. If they were used On-page SEO techniques then they will achieve their targets easily.


On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Keyword Analysis.
  2. H1, H2, title tags and Meta description.
  3. Inbound and Outbound link.
  4. Use AIOSEO Plugin.
  5. Infographics.
  6. Optimize images.
  7. Website load time.
  8. Use Videos.
  9. Optimised URL.
  10. Attractive design of website.

1: Keywords Analysis

Keywords analysis is an effective technique to rank your content in Google. you need to search keywords that have low SEO difficulty and high search volume. used these keywords in your content 4 to 5 times. also in title and meta description. If you used high-difficulty keywords in your content. you can’t be rank in Google and other search engines.

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You can use some SEO tools for keywords analysis. like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and many more. These tools are helping you in finding keywords that easily rank in the Google search engine.

2: H1, H2 Title tags and Meta description

H1 is the title of your content and H2 is the next subheading. For better on-page SEO you have to use your focus keyword in H1, H2 title tags.

Meta Description is shown below to your content title on Google front page. The importance and quality of your content are mostly written in the meta description. You have to use your focus keyword in the meta description for better results.


3: Inbound and Outbound links.

Inbound links mean a link toward your website content. Outbound link means a link toward other websites. used minimum 1 Inbound and outbound link in your content for better on-page SEO.

The relevancy is very important. used links that are relevant to your content otherwise its have a bad impact on your SEO. if you want to use more than 1 outbound link then select the not follow link option to your settings.

4: Use AIOSEO Plugin

AIOSEO (All in one SEO) plugin helps you to correct your On-page SEO mistakes. they will tell you about your mistakes in Titles, meta description, and content. the plugin also helps you how to fix errors. by using this fantastic plugin your on-page SEO becomes very professional.

You can easily download this plugin on your WordPress site. by just hit the button of adding a new plugin then search AIOSEO plugin. Install it and used its benefits.

5: Infographics

Infographics are effective tools for presenting data in a visually engaging way. They consist of charts, images, videos, and text.

Most peoples find infographics for their content. so if you used Infographics in your content then. it would be a great chance for you to rank in Google search.

Infographics are shown in the image.


6: Optimized Images

You need to optimize your image by adding a title, caption, description in your image. Also, you need to add a focus keyword in image alt attributes.

Whenever you want to add an image to your content, you optimized your image with the help of a WordPress image editor.


7: Website Load time

If you want to rank in the Google search engine. So the load time of your website is very important. if your website having a short time of loading then. your chance of ranking becomes high and if not. so it will be difficult to rank in the Google search engine.

you can test your website loading speed easily by Google website speed checker

8: Use Videos

Videos play a very important role in engaging people on your content. If you use a video in your content relevant to your topic. then more people are engaging toward your content. and spending more time on your website. so it would be a good sign for Google to rank your content.


9: Optimized your UrL

Optimized your Url is not rocket science. It’s very simple, you just need to add a focused keyword in your content Url from the content Url setting.

Be careful to add time or date in your Url. because Google always needs fresh content. and if your content getting old. it would be rank in Google.

10: Attractive design Of Website

You need to select a good and attractive design for your website. if your website looks attractive to human eyes. then it is very useful for you. Google follows an algorithm if the user spends time on your website then with the time Google ranks your website.

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