Android Phones with Big Battery
Android Phones with Big Battery
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Choosing a smartphone is not an easy decision. Especially if you need to determine what Android Phones with Big Battery are available in the market. Even though we all demand mobile devices with the highest levels of functionality and features, the battery life of a smartphone is becoming a more important factor.

Battery capacity is crucial when buying a smartphone, particularly in nations with poor electrical supplies. You are probably aware that a phone is usually useless without battery life. You will not use the phone with all the best features if the battery cannot power the light long enough. This article lists the five best Android phones with excellent batteries, features, and budget prices. Mobile prices have increased with time, so it is essential to choose a phone with a big battery to last for many years.

Best Android Phones with Big Battery

1. Samsung A04

Samsung is a top-notch brand selling high-end smartphones at a budget price. Samsung A04 is the smartphone with the best battery capacity. It was launched in Pakistan on October 10, 2020. Currently, its price in Pakistan is PKR 33,999. 

The OS that powers the device is Android 12 + One UI 4.1. It has micro USB 2.0, GPS, and Bluetooth 5.0. A Li-Po 5000 mAh battery is hard to drain and should easily last two days of average use.

2. Infinix Hot 20

Infinix is another well-known brand. With the most recent features and characteristics, Infinix released the Hot 20 smartphone in 2022. It is a low-budget smartphone with a large battery capacity. In Pakistan, Infinix cell phones are widely used. Having its roots in Hong Kong, Infinix Mobile begins with smaller-scale activities. The price of Infinix Hot 20 is PKR 29,999.

The Infinix Hot 20 has a 5000 mAh non-removable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery. Since frequent charging is not necessary, it can happen whenever it wants. Without voiding the warranty, the Infinix Hot 20 battery cannot be removed.


Android Phones with Big Battery

3. Xiaomi 12C

Xiaomi, often known as “the Apple of the East,” can always provide us with affordable yet high-quality smartphones. Another mid-range phone with a larger battery capacity is Xiaomi 12C. It was launched in Pakistan on December 2022. The Xiaomi 12C is now available for 26,899 PKR. It has a 50 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera for selfies. It has a battery capacity of 5000 mAh and runs Android 12. The device has 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

4. Vivo Y100

Vivo is a well-known Chinese brand with its headquarters in Dongguan, China. Vivo Y100 is an attractive and trendy smartphone with high-end features that falls into the mid-range pricing range. Only one edition of the Vivo Y100 comes with 4GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage. The latest smartphone from Vivo will have amazing specifications, features, and costs in Pakistan. It will launch in Pakistan on September 01, 2023, with a price of 35,000 PKR. The battery in the mobile device has a 3315 Mah capacity, which guarantees speedy charging and long life.

5. Realme V30

Realme V30 will launch in February 2023. The smartphone costs 39,999 PKR. The smartphone has 128GB of built-in storage and 6GB/ 8GB of RAM. The Realme V30 is available in two colors: Black and Gold. The smartphone’s specifications, screen size, camera configuration, battery life, and general mobile performance are incredible. The Realme V30 has a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera. The Realme V30 has a 5,000 mAh battery and supports rapid charging.

Last Words

This guide has compiled a list of the five best Android Phones with Big Battery. These mobile phones have larger batteries and affordable prices.

When deciding on a particular smartphone brand, it’s crucial to pick the model that best suits your needs. It is wise to think about the battery capacity (expressed in mAh), as this will give you a sense of how resilient the device should be. 

To sum up, these five smartphones have a long-lasting battery at a budgeted price and are available in the market.


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