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Unless you are contending in the World Series of Poker, you have not given custom poker chips much thought recently.

Maybe you had better, but why? As custom poker chips are amazingly versatile. Find out a decent idea, and they can create a memorable, cost-efficient choice for boosting a business, feting an event, or even hanging out with new friends.

Utilize Custom Poker Chips at Work As…

  • A visiting card – A custom poker chip visiting card will jump out from the crowd of common paper choices. Give them out to your significant-top prospects, and you are on the fast track to a more compelling connection.
  • A website advertisement– boost people to feel out your site with custom poker chips you created yourself.
  • A promotion offer – A boastful advantage of utilizing personalized custom poker chips instead of a coupon. You are able to give them out over and over again as they are redeemed.
  • A membership card – If your customers require proof of membership or their rank level, a custom chip is an entertaining choice to laminated paper cards that will hold up to the depreciation of regular use.
  • A morale-building – prefer to foster additional morale among your staff? Challenge chips are utilized to regenerate team members’ concentration when facing something boastful.
  • A scene-setter –hold your display booth a bit more piquant than the adjacent one at a group discussion by utilizing custom poker chips as table-top confetti.
custom Poker Chips

Create Personalized Custom Poker Chips for Uses Other Than Work…

  • An invitation that adjusts the mood – Whether you are projecting a wedding or setting up a birthday party, a custom chip is a bang-up way to get your invitees excited or let them recognize the date.
  • A significant declaration – allow your beloveds to know when something boastful happens with individualized custom poker chips that deal with your news.
  • A token – Not every wedding ceremony or party favor has to be given out on the day of the specific event.
  • A missing bit – Nobody cares about playing a game when they do not have all the bits, so substitute the ones that have gone wide with custom poker chips stand-in. (You are able to switch battered game money for chips, as well.)
  • A golf game ball spotter –assist make playing more comfortable for your golfing boosters by custom-making custom poker chips for labeling their spots.
  • An appreciated object – individualized custom poker chips are only the correct size for hiding. They can hold up to the factors that make them bang up to utilize in magpie hunts, geocaching, or labeling the trail in a particularly challenging hashish run.
  • A sign of boost – mark your individualized motto or the advice you cannot often give adequately, and hand it out as acquaintances come to you for advice. Only feeling it in their pouch can be a good reminder of what they would like to do.
  • A bit of party interior decoration – Table confetti is not just for group discussions. You are able to use them on present or cake tables at wedding parties, baby showers, or different parties.


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