What Does Js Mean On Snapchat
What Does Js Mean On Snapchat
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What does Js mean on Snapchat? read this article carefully and you can quickly understand the meaning of Js on Snapchat.

Snapchat is the most popular Social media platform that is used all over the world to have fun with friends. you can invite your contacts and friends on Snapchat for sharing snaps on this app. Snapchat allows its users to make attractive snaps by using different filters. Snapchat also allows a chat interface for its users to chat with each other. people allow their friends to come and spend time by a chat with each other.

Whenever we talk about a text or chat short forms play a very important role to chat with your friends quickly. there are many short forms are used in the text while someone chats with their friend. A lot of people are confused about the Js meaning because Js is used commonly in text. in this article, we will discuss what does Js mean on Snapchat.

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What Does Js Mean On Snapchat

What Does Js Mean On Snapchat

People are confused about Js meaning on Snapchat but JS has a very simple meaning and creates easiness in text. JS means (Just saying) you can use this term while you will chat with your friend to save time.

How to Used

  1. You said to your friend: I think this shirt is not suited for you, JS

Here you will not tell a final decision you just share your opinion with your friend and use JS terms to text quickly.

You can use Js in many other sentences like

2. I think that girl is looking pretty at a Saturday night party, JS

here, you will share your opinion, not a final decision by using Js in the sentence.

Never confused in: like Js means (javascript), it may be used in computer field from someone but when you talk about Snapchat then it only means (Just saying). hope you will understand, what does js mean on Snapchat with examples.

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Some Other Short term that is used on Snapchat

There are some other Short forms that are commonly used on Snapchat and many peoples have no idea about the meaning of that short terms. here we will discuss some of them for over readers.

  • IJS
  • WYD
  • HYD
  • WDYM

1. IJS

Means (I’m just saying)

you can use this term in the text on Snapchat For example, Yesterday you don’t look much pretty in that dress, IJS

2. WYD

Means (What are you doing?)

You can also use this short-term in the text on Snapchat. For example,

you can use it in greetings while you text your friend on Snapchat, hello buddy WYD?

3. HYD

Means (How are you doing?)

You can use this short-term in-text easily. For example,

You can ask your friend, HYD?


Means (What do you mean?)

You can use this short form while you text on Snapchat. For example,

You can ask a question in any sentence that will confuse you by just typing (WDYM?)

Wrapping Up:

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand, what does Js mean on Snapchat? and other different short forms that are used on Snapchat in Text. I try my best to discuss all the information about, What Js mean on Snapchat. To stay updated Subscribe to our newsletter.

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