What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat
What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat
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Hi Guys, are you crazy to know what the red arrow means on Snapchat? All the information about what does the red arrow mean on Snapchat is written in this article.

Snapchat is the most trending Snappped sharing platform all over the world. Snapchat allows its users to take snaps by using different attractive filters. They also provide some stickers to make your snaps more attractive. People also used Snapchat to send videos and make video calls with their friends. Millions of users are making groups on Snapchat and spending a lot of time texting each other. Approximately 360 million are using Snapchat daily.

Many users confused with Snapchat symbols are often searching for them on search engines. Here I want to share what does the red arrow mean on Snapchat with our readers.

What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat

What exactly are the Symbols of Snapchat?

Whenever the user opens the chat room in Snapchat, They can see different symbols on various chats. But if you are familiar with those symbols, it’s okay. Or, if you have no idea about them, you need a guide to understand those symbols because every symbol has its meaning. Some symbols look like arrows. Some are boxes and circles with different colors.

What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat?

The red arrow had shown on different chat icons, and it means someone shares a snap with you without Audio. You can easily understand the type of message without seeing it.

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What Does The Red Box Mean on Snapchat?

After discussing what does the red arrow mean on Snapchat, I want to clarify one more thing. Keep in mind that there is a lot of difference between the meaning of red box and red arrow. A red box shows that a new snap has been waiting for you; you need to check it out. And the red arrow shows the user sending the audio-less snap.

Different Snapchat Symbols

Here we will discuss some other symbols that are shown primarily on Snapchat for the users. I think these symbols benefit the users because they provide an idea about the arriving message. Users can easily understand the type of message by seeing different symbols.

What Does The Red Arrow Mean on Snapchat

1. Red Non-fill box

It shows that you have received the snap.

2. Purple Box

It shows you had not viewed an old snap yet.

3. Red Circle

It means your friend recently uploaded a story; you need to check it out.

4. Blue Circle

It indicated that a new chat has been waiting for you in the chat room.

5. Grey box

The grey box means you have never snapped with any particular person. Or it also means that someone blocked you on Snapchat. or maybe they have no interest in snapping with you.

6. Grey Arrow

It means your request has not been accepted by the person yet.

7. Blue arrow

It indicated that Snapchat had delivered your sending snap.

8. Purple Arrow

It simply means that the coming snap is with Audio, primarily used for the video.

9. Blue non-fill arrow

It shows that Snapchat saved your snap to the camera roll. You can easily see it later in your gallery.

10. 3 lines with Double Blue arrow

This symbol indicated that someone took a screenshot of your chat on Snapchat.

11. 3 lines with a Double red arrow

A double red arrow with three lines means, someone, take a screenshot of your audio-less snap.

I hope, Now you are well familiar with all these Snapchat symbols.

Wrapping Up

I hope you will enjoy this blog and quickly understand what does the red arrow mean on Snapchat. Please share this blog with your friends, subscribe to our newsletter, and stay connected with us for more exciting articles.


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