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Singapore is a technology-led country, and in this age, you can’t live without broadband internet these days. You need to be connected to the internet for your work or home. But because of its relative affordability, Singaporeans find it hard to get broadband internet in their homes. This article will highlight several reasons you should get broadband for your home and which benefits you the most depending on your situation.


1. Broadband is A Necessity

Since we are in the information age and all of us are on the move, being online means that you have access to how much money you have, how much time your flight could be delayed, and if there is any severe weather at your home. It keeps you connected with everything that happens around you and the world. It is a must for modern living, especially for Singaporeans who are always on the go.

2. Broadband Pre-Paid is Cheap

Being cheap is one of the main reasons why people are hesitant to get broadband in Singapore for their homes, or in some cases, with a credit card. The average broadband connection cost here is around S$50 per month, which is relatively expensive compared to most other countries. But if you get prepaid broadband, the monthly cost will be about S$10 to S$20, which comes out to a bit more than half the price of an unlimited broadband package charged by several fixed-line providers.

3. Broadband is Not All About Internet Usage

You don’t need to be a heavy internet user to be able to use the service. You can only access the internet on the basic tier with prepaid broadband, which is just enough to get you connected at home, work, or whenever you are traveling. This is a big benefit for those trying to save money on their monthly bills.

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4. Broadband is Available Anywhere and anytime

With any prepaid broadband, a certain amount of usage will be included in your bill, and it can go up from time to time depending on the demand for your services. With the condition that you have enough credit on your prepaid broadband, you can connect to the internet any time and anywhere you want to. If you need to go to places with little or no signals, this is a perfect solution.


5. Broadband is a Good Option for Travellers

If you are a traveler, having broadband in Singapore allows you to surf the internet daily and chat with your loved ones online. It gives you an option of staying connected and enjoying real-time interaction with other people from all over the world at any given time that is convenient for them.

6. A Home Broadband will Make You Connected to the world

With broadband in Singapore, you can be connected anywhere and anytime. You can access the internet on a cable or satellite connection through your laptops, smartphones, or tablets. This is perfect for travelers and those living in small locales who find it hard to get a fixed-line broadband connection.

7. A Home Broadband is More Secure than Fixed Line Wireless Connection

Fixed-line wireless connection is not as secure as having broadband in Singapore at home for your network security purposes. A wireless connection is more prone to be bamboozled by hackers than a broadband connection in your residential vicinity. You can also set up Internet security on your computer at home with a broadband connection.


If you are still finding it hard to get broadband in Singapore, this article will give you a good insight into why you should get it. It is always recommended that you seek the best broadband for your home as this will benefit you in the long run, depending on your situation.


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