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Thanks for showing interest and visiting our “Write for US” page on itlush.com. we are always welcome each visitor and reader to our site. I hope you are looking for the article submission on itlush.com. We are happy to tell you that we are accepting articles to publish on our site. To read further details, rules and regulations read the page through to the end.

How You Will be Able to Write for Us?

To contribute articles on itlush.com, you need to read some important tips mentioned below to keep your articles accepted and published.

  • Visit the homepage and check out the type of content that we published on our site by visiting several posts.
  • Our first priority is High-quality content, As you know “Content is King”. We only accept 100% original and engaging content that our readers love to read.

Categories of Articles that We Accept on itlush.com

You can write for us on the given categories:

  • Technology
  • Informative
  • Gaming
  • App & AI
  • Events
  • Trends
  • News

You Must Remember Some Points Before Submitting Your Article

Content Quality

The article must be related to the Niche of our website and cover the topic in detail. The quality of the article must be excellent and original. Our first opportunity is quality, so don’t waste your time by sending low-quality content or using rewriting tools for creating content. Your article must be checked out by our experts before publishing. So, don’t compromise on the quality, it makes it easy for you to publish your article quickly.

User-Friendly Content

You need to write engaging content. You can use Images, videos, infographics, and gifts to create an engaging article. These things are very helpful to write user-friendly and engaging content.


We respect someone’s ideas, if your work is derivative of someone else you can mention them in credit. you can also credit for images if you use them from someone.


Promotion is our concern but we allow only genuine contributions. we don’t allow anyone to have too many backlinks in one article. Only 2 backlinks are allowed in one article that belongs to your website or blog.


If our team noticed that your article is copied from any other place or if the article is not original, your article will be rejected. One thing you need to know is if you publish the same article on any other website after publishing it on itlush.com, your content from our site will be deleted.

How To Submit Guest Posts to itlush.com

To submit the guest post on itlush.com. you need to send your article in word document format with the featured image, only 2 backlinks, and any other relevant images in the content.

We are accepting your guest posts here: itlush91@gmail.com

If your article is approved by our team, it will be published within 24 hours and you got the confirmation and the live link via email.

For any other information about price and promotion, feel free to shoot us a message at “itlush91@gmail.com”